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How to perfectly shave your armpits with a razor without shaving


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Removing armpit hair can help reduce odor and is a required crop in many places. Some athletes, such as swimmers, remove body hair to improve performance. Shaving is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to remove armpit hair. The most common methods include using a safety or electric razor. Using a razor is not recommended.

Do I need to shave my armpits

Refusal to shave in the armpits is an extreme form of struggle of European women for naturalness, in addition to refusing to use cosmetics and false hair, they call for leaving vegetation on the body. However, it is foolish to deny the obvious: hairy armpits are not beautiful, not attractive, and completely not hygienic. With any action, the body releases sweat, which is immediately absorbed by the hairs. High humidity is an ideal environment for bacteria that create unpleasant odors and other problems.

Proponents of vegetation argue that you need to shower regularly to protect against an unpleasant odor. But in hot weather, when the sebaceous glands are most active, it is unlikely that most people have the opportunity to run under the shower every hour. Therefore, women who want to look attractive, do not torment others with an unpleasant odor, the question of shaving under their arms does not even arise.

Armpit Shaving: Pros and Cons

People were divided into two camps. Armpit advocates argue for the procedure:

  • neat appearance,
  • no unpleasant odor
  • lack of constraint when wearing open clothes.

And opponents give other reasons:

  • there is a high risk of cutting, causing infection,
  • Ingrown hair problem
  • some say shaving enhances perspiration,
  • shaving gives a short-term result.

Basically, the disadvantages of removing hair under the arms are associated with a violation of the technology of the procedure. You need to learn how to properly shave this area.

Which razor is best for shaving armpits

For depilation, it is better to choose a special female machine with a high-quality interchangeable blade. Modern devices repeat the silhouette of the body, so shaving becomes safer. No need to use a razor until the blade is completely dull. It needs to be changed regularly. The sharper and cleaner the blade, the less irritation will remain on the body, and the more thoroughly the hair removal will be performed.

For those who are afraid to infect, you can use disposable machines. They are simpler, but they cope with their function.

The new blade provides high-quality shaving at a time, thereby minimizing its contact with the skin.

Some models are supplemented with special gel pads or moisturizing strips to make shaving even more convenient.

Preparation for the procedure

Before starting depilation, the skin needs to be steamed. To do this, a hot shower or bath is suitable. After such actions, the skin will recover faster, and shaving will be more comfortable.

To avoid ingrown hair, as well as to further cleanse the epidermis from dead cells, you can treat the desired area with a soft scrub.

How to perfectly shave your armpits with a razor without irritation

After simple preparatory work, you can proceed to the procedure itself. To make the blade glide better, a special gel or foam is applied to the skin. It is better to abandon the use of soap, it overdries, tightens the skin.

To properly shave armpits, girls first need to moisten the blade of the machine with water. Then, raising the epilated hand up, gently hold the blade along the hair growth. However, for a perfect smooth skin you will have to make a couple of movements in the opposite direction.

Do not press on the blade too much, otherwise the risk of damaging the skin increases. If possible, you should not spend in one place many times. After each movement, the blade should be washed under running water to wash off the cut hairs.

After the procedure, the skin must be carefully wiped, give it a break from deodorants. The blade needs to be washed, dried until the next time.

How to get rid of irritation after shaving armpits

Excellent care for the delicate skin of the armpits is provided by products containing extracts of aloe, azulene, vitamin E, menthol. They relieve irritation, provide additional hydration, enhance skin regeneration.

It is also recommended to use a cream with papain, which slows down the rate of hair growth, preventing them from growing. The enzyme enters the core and brightens the hair, making it thinner.

Sometimes, to remove irritation after armpit hair removal, it is enough to take a baby cream with chamomile or calendula extract.

A common cause of ingrown hair is a dull blade, so you need to constantly monitor its condition and change it in a timely manner.

Useful Tips and Precautions

  1. To create a smooth surface of the skin you need to stretch your arm as far as possible.
  2. The razor should be clean, as the hairs quickly clog between the blades.
  3. Razor - a personal hygiene item, so it should be individual for each person.
  4. It is better not to carry out depilation on the eve of a visit to the pool, chlorinated water can cause irritation.
  5. Deodorants containing alcohol should not be applied to the skin immediately after the procedure.

How to save on shaving

The mistake of those who want to save money on hair removal is to buy cheap machine tools. But is it worth it to spare money for a good device, because then you will either have to change the product often to maintain the sharpness of the blades, or to epilate with a blunt razor, and this is fraught with injuries or ingrown hairs.

Perhaps you can try to save on auxiliary means, for example, buying foam instead of gel. Its price is usually lower, but the result is the same.

All effective methods of saving are based on the extension of the working condition of the blade:

  • steam the skin well before the procedure,
  • do not regret gel or other cosmetics,
  • buy high-quality products with replaceable elements.

Alternative ways to remove armpit hair

Shaving armpits with a razor is the easiest way to remove hair, suitable even for beginners. Often women are looking for alternatives, after which the result lasts longer. These include a home epilator, shugaring, but many are afraid of pain. You can also visit a beauty parlor, do laser or other hair removal, but such procedures are expensive, but have contraindications.

Therefore, shaving remains the best option, and following the rules will eliminate possible injuries and simplify the procedure.

Is it worth shaving?

Arguments for shaving the armpit.

  • Thick hair contributes to the emergence of an aqueous environment where bacteria multiply. Hence the unpleasant, well-known smell.
  • Sweating, axillary zone often begins to itch.
  • Aesthetics. Clean well-groomed skin is always more pleasant than wet thickets.

Arguments against shaving armpits.

  • Axillary vegetation is an element of masculinity.
  • This process can injure the skin, lead to ingrown hair, purulent inflammation of the sweat glands.

How to shave your armpit for the first time?

The first shaving of armpits differs little in technology from subsequent procedures, except that with experience, the likelihood of cuts will be reduced. Therefore, it is enough to stock up with antibacterial agents in case of injuries. Do not forget to wash the machine more often from shaved hair, as they will be quite long, quickly clog the blade.

Phased removal without skin irritation

Getting started, use the recommendations.

  1. Wash your armpits thoroughly with soap.
  2. To remove hair and avoid irritation, apply a lot of foam on the skin against hair growth.
  3. The razor should without any pressure move along the hair growth, for smoothness of the skin, hold the machine against their growth.
  4. Periodically clean the head of the instrument from hair under warm running water,
  5. Rinse off any remaining gel.
  6. Blot your armpits with a towel.
  7. Lubricate a dry surface with a calming lotion or cream.
  8. If using a reusable razor, wash and dry it.

The razor along with the hair removes the upper protective layer of the skin. Shaved armpits should not be rubbed heavily with a towel. This will lead to irritation.

The shorter the hairs, the easier it is to remove. Therefore, we advise men to carry out the procedure several times a week. This is enough to keep the armpits in good condition.

More accessible and clear about the simple process of shaving male armpits can be seen in the video.

First Time Shave Features

A man who decides to shave his armpits for the first time should know some of the nuances of the process.

  1. Long vegetation is difficult to shave. If you have a decent length, we recommend that you first shorten the hair with scissors or a trimmer. The ideal length for removal is approximately 0.5 cm.
  2. Take a warm shower, it will soften hard hair. Wash the treated area. The skin there should be perfectly clean.
  3. Apply gel and foam thoroughly.
  4. Remember, the machine that shaves armpits should not be used for another zone. This leads to the multiplication and transfer of bacteria.
  5. Hair should be removed with light smooth movements directed down to the ribs. Do not push the tool to avoid painful cuts.
  6. Rinse the shaver periodically under running water.
  7. Rinse off any remaining gel and blot the treated area with a towel.
  8. In the end, apply a little moisturizer or lotion to avoid irritation. Use your usual after shave.

A couple of days after the procedure, a feeling of itching and discomfort is possible. This is normal, as the skin adapts to the lack of hair. Wash this area at least once a day and use a deodorant. For beginners, it will be enough to shave the armpit twice a week.

Alternative Hair Removal Methods

There are methods to care for this area without using a razor blade. Men who are not ready to use the machine, but the lush vegetation at hand they do not like, take a note.

  1. Clipper. Choosing the smallest nozzle, you will at the same time restore order and prevent irritation on the skin.
  2. Shaver. Fairly fast and safe way.
  3. Depilation cream. It will completely painlessly relieve you of unwanted vegetation.
  4. Shugaring, Waxing. These procedures are quite painful (after all, the hair breaks out with the bulb), but the effect is longer than after the razor.

It is believed that in salons such services are popular only among women. We assure you, this has long been wrong. Men often seek the help of specialists.

What is better razor or epilator?

The epilator increases the time during which the skin remains smooth. But many women cannot endure the pain during use, returning to a classic razor.

The desire to look beautiful and well-groomed appears in girls as early as adolescence, they begin to dream of smooth legs and ask adults for advice.

Shaving the ass is only in the most extreme cases, when there is no time or opportunity for another method of depilation.

Women's hands are always in sight, and first of all, attention is drawn to them. Therefore, thick or dark hair on the hands cause complexes in women and.

From how many years you can shave your legs, armpits and intimate area. The desire to look beautiful and well-groomed appears in girls as early as adolescence.

Learn how to shave your legs with an epilator properly and painlessly. . The debate about the need to shave armpits has not subsided for a long time.