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Tip 1: How to Tape Shoes


With the onset of bad, rainy weather, every man begins to think about the problem of clean shoes. Although there are many options on how to protect your shoes from dirt and water (for example, put on galoshes or just rubber boots, and change shoes in the office), we are sometimes too lazy to come up with something or think that it’s not so scary to wet shoes. However, I have to upset you. Good leather shoes, if not taken care of, will deteriorate after the first “wet” season and you will have to throw away your favorite shoes. That is why, in this article we will tell you how to clean your shoes to shine and for one thing to protect them from dirt and water.


Shoe polish

There are two types of shoe polish to choose from: cream and wax. What you choose, a polishing cream or just wax, depends on how much polished shoes you need. Shoe cream gives medium shine, but moisturizes the skin well and renews the color of the shoe. Keep in mind that if you choose the wrong shade of cream for your colored leather shoes, you can change the color of the shoes, so be careful in choosing a cream.

Shoe wax, in turn, wipes out minor damage to the skin, scuffs and gives a strong shine after polishing shoes. But he does not update the color of the shoe, as the wax is sold in a natural color - beige.

For regular care, I still recommend using a shoe polish with matching colors for your leather shoes. There are less problems with it, and it copes better with protection against moisture.

Polishing cloth

A shoe polishing cloth is needed to polish your shoes to shine. A special rag for polishing can be purchased at a shoe store, at the same time, a plain old cotton T-shirt will also work. All you need to do is wrap some fabric around your fingers and polish your shoes.

Brush for footwear

A shoe brush is the main tool that cannot be dispensed with. I highly recommend buying a brush with natural horsehair. Why with horsehair? The fact is that such hair is stiff enough so that the brush normally cleaned the shoes and soft enough so as not to damage the skin on the shoes. A good brush is inexpensive, and lasts for many years. Do not skimp.

Step 2. Cleaning from dust and dirt

Take a prepared rag and wipe the entire surface of the boot from dirt and dust. If there is too much dirt or it gets stuck in hard to reach places, use a small brush with a handle or an old toothbrush. If the shoe’s surface is very dirty, wet a piece of cloth and walk over it to surely remove any dirt. Before proceeding to the next step, let the shoe dry for about 10 minutes and finally inspect the pair if all the dirt has cleared.

Step 3. Apply shoe polish

Apply shoe polish to the shoe in an amount sufficient to treat the entire surface. Rub the cream in a circular motion, this will allow the cream to better absorb into the surface of the skin and evenly distribute the cream on the boot. If necessary, apply another shoe polish until you finish treating the entire surface and it becomes dull. Do not forget about the small brush and use it to spread the cream in hard to reach places. Let the cream soak and dry for about 10 minutes.

Step 4. Shoe polishing

Take the prepared horsehair brush and polish the shoes by moving the brush from side to side with sharp movements. Shoes will begin to gain a little shine.

Take a polishing cloth and drop a little water on your shoes (you can just soak a cloth in water). In a circular motion, polish your shoes to shine, dampening a rag if necessary. Note that too much water is not needed, just a damp cloth is enough, so that water does not drip from it.

Step 3. Final shoe polishing

Wet a rag with water, wrap around two fingers (middle and forefinger), and in a circular motion bring the shoes to shine.

The time that you will spend on such a shoe shine will be approximately 3-4 minutes, however even such an express option will protect your shoes from the weather and will make you look good.

Shoe Care Tips

  • If you ruined the shoes with salt, which is sprinkled on the streets in winter, take a glass of warm water and add a teaspoon of table vinegar (concentrate, not diluted 6%). Moisten a cotton rag with vinegar and apply to the salt stains before cleaning your shoes well.
  • Use wooden shoe struts, they do not allow the shoes to wrinkle during storage in the summer and allow the shoes to “breathe”.
  • Always wear shoes with a spoon (shoehorn). You save the heel of your shoes and do not violate its integrity.
  • If your shoes are dry and scuffed, buy a good conditioner for your shoes and return them to their normal appearance.

That’s probably all. I am sure that now there should be no difficulties for men, and they will know how to clean their shoes and their shoes, in particular. I wish everyone to keep their favorite shoes for many years and look good in the eyes of those around you. Good luck