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How to switch from a personal Facebook profile to a professional page


To advertise products and services on Facebook, you need a business page. Editor and commercial writer Olga Mokshina studied how to create, design and customize a page, choose a template, talk about a brand, edit a greeting and quick answers in the messenger.

I’ll tell you how to register, set up and arrange a business page on Facebook in 7 steps.

Facebook Business Page Types

Local company or place Suitable for all organizations for which geographical location is important: shops, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, hotels. To register a page, you need to specify the name, phone number and full address: zip code, region, city, street and house number.

Company, organization or institution Suitable for large companies, public organizations, media, political parties. To register a page, just enter the company name, address and phone are not required.

Brand or product Suitable for anyone who plans to promote products on Facebook. To create a page you need to specify the brand or name of the product.

Artist, music group or public person Suitable for creative teams and public people: bloggers, artists, officials, journalists. To register, just enter the name of the person or the name of the group.

Entertainment Suitable for marketers promoting entertainment and educational products: books, podcasts, festivals. To create a page, you need to add a product name.

Common business or community Suitable for pages that do not fall under other types. Usually, “Common business or community” is used when they want to unite people with similar interests. For example, Facebook has a York dog lovers club, a community of accountants, associations that want to make palliative care more accessible for sick children. To register such a page, just enter the name.

Everyone has types of pages with the exception of the "Common cause or community" is categories. The category specifies what the page is about. For example, categories are available for local companies: restaurant, grocery store, travel agency, family doctor. For brands and products: furniture, household appliances, jewelry, video games and others.

Another choice of category depends on the set of available functions. On all pages you can add a brief description, a link to the site, information about services, ratings and reviews, email and phone.

Local companies, organizations and public people can add an address, map, opening hours. Geotagging on a map can only mark company pages. If you are at a loss with the choice of a category - put the most suitable. In the future, you can change it.

Tip 1. Realize what result you get

As a result of the transfer you will get:

  1. A new page without content that all your friends will be subscribed to.
  2. A clean profile without content, friends, or connections.

From Facebook, all the posts that you have done before will be deleted: your posts and comments will disappear, the marks on the photos will be deleted.

After conversion, you will have additional difficulties when using the system. The forums also do not warn about them:

  • In order to publish something, you will need to go from a personal account to a page account (I do not always remember this). If you do not, your publication will fall not in the main feed of the page, but in the list of publications of visitors.

  • Most of your posts will need to be promoted: Facebook lowers the visibility of page information in the user feed. Advertising costs will increase.
  • You’ll have to explain to people sending friend requests to your new profile why you don’t confirm them. Some of them are offended: in RuNet, the refusal to add to friends on a social network is equivalent to a refusal to communicate.

Before moving on to the next tips, weigh the pros and cons again.

What you can not write in the page title

  1. Words or phrases that may be offensive or violate someone else’s rights.
  2. Capital letters, if used without regard to language norms. A title cannot be entirely capitalized unless it is an abbreviation.
  3. Symbols, extra punctuation, long descriptions, slogans.
  4. Any word variations Facebook.
  5. The name should not be misleading. If the page of the brand or public person is unofficial, indicate this in the title. Otherwise, users will think that they are on the official page.
  6. Words of a general nature and common geographical names. For example, you can’t name the page "Pizza" or "Moscow", but you can "Pizza from Ivan Ivanov" or "City Hall of Moscow".

Tip 2. Accept all friend requests

Before converting my old profile, the limit for adding to friends was exhausted. The number of friends was about 2,700. The remaining values ​​were applications that I did not approve. When you change the profile, they were all canceled. I have lost half the page audience. Not critical, but tangible: such a loss is restored long enough.

Do not repeat my mistakes. Confirm all friend requests before converting your profile.

Tip 3. Download information from Facebook

In order not to lose data irrevocably, it is worthwhile to archive your records in advance. On the forums they write that Facebook makes it possible to upload this information to the profile, but I did not find this opportunity in the interface.

Actions for downloading profile data: go to the general settings of the account, find the link below, click on it.

How to choose a username

  1. The name must be unique and contain at least five characters.
  2. The name may contain latin letters, numbers, periods.
  3. You cannot use common terms and extensions (.com, .net).
  4. Dots and caps cannot be used to make a name unique. For example, alexnovikov55, Alex.Novikov55 and alex.novikov.55 Facebook considers the same name.

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Tip 4. Turn off notifications

Facebook allows you to set up email notifications: when content appears in an interesting group or person’s profile, you will receive an email. If you use this feature, turn it off before translating the profile into a page (this will save you the trouble of viewing uninteresting emails).

Unfortunately, disconnection cannot be done centrally (yet). You need to follow the links contained in the letters of Facebook.

Tip 5. Delete the phone number

A phone number can only be connected to Facebook once. If you do not remove the mobile phone from the old profile, you cannot connect it to the new profile. So, you can’t set up two-step authentication and use mobile chat.

The situation can be corrected by contacting Facebook support, but ... Support responds for a long time. Why solve the problem, if you can just not create it?

General settings

In this section you can change the basic settings that will help you manage your page efficiently.

Go to the “Settings” tab of the top panel of the page. You will need two sections from the left column: “General” and “Publication authorship”.

What settings to check

Page Status. Make sure that the status “Page published” is active - this means that it is available to Facebook users.

Visitor Publications. If you do not want subscribers to post on your page, select "Prevent other people from posting on my page."

Tags. If you activate this feature, visitors will be able to tag themselves in the photos of the page.

Other people mark this page.. If the feature is active, users can add a link to your page in comments and posts.

Age restrictions. In the section you can specify the minimum age of visitors, for example, 16 years. Then the page will not be seen by younger users.

Page Moderation. In the column you can add words that you do not want to see in comments and publications. If someone mentions them, Facebook will mark the message as spam and send it to the administrator for verification.

Profanity Filter. You can set up blocking indecent words and expressions. Facebook uses words that users most often flag as offensive for the filter. The social network offers two filter levels: medium and high. It’s not clear what the difference is.

Related Page Recommendations. If the feature is active, people will be able to find out about you by visiting the pages of competitors. The downside is that you will also have a list of recommendations.

Publications in different languages. By activating the function, you can publish the same post in several languages. Users will see only one version of the post - in the language that is primary for them.

In the Authorship section indicate on whose behalf you want to publish content: your or your business page. The first option is suitable if you are developing a personal brand.

Page Roles. The section is needed if you plan to involve other people in the management of the page. For example, hire a targetologist to set up an advertising campaign. Thanks to the roles, he will be able to make advertising, but will not get access to the rest of the page settings. I tell you what roles are on the Facebook business page.

Tip 8. Make a list of people and groups whose publications you want to continue reading.

In my feed, not only personal acquaintances, but also authors whose publications I am interested to read. Unfortunately, it turned out that often I do not even remember their names. I remember the contents of the content, but the names did not.

To preserve the information field, it is worth fixing in advance the names of groups and authors of interest to you. You will find them later, but it will take time and effort.

What roles are on the Facebook business page

Administrator - owner of the page. He performs any actions and controls the access of users to the page.

Editor has the same authority as the administrator. The only difference is that it cannot control user access.

Moderator sends messages in the messenger on behalf of the page, responds to comments and deletes them, bans visitors, sets up targeted ads, looks at statistics and sees who posted on behalf of the page.

Advertiser sets up targeted advertising, looks through statistics and sees who posted on behalf of the page.

Analyst looks through statistics and sees who posted posts on behalf of the page.

Live Page Representative can go live on behalf of the page from a mobile device.

To give other users access to the management, go to the Settings tab of the top panel. In the left column, select the "Page Roles" column. In the "Assign a new role on the page" section, enter the person’s name or email, specify the role and click the "Add" button

Tip 9. Think about the content of the first post in your new profile.

To restore your circle of friends, you have to send out requests. Think about their content and the content of the first post in your profile. Your friends will be perplexed when they receive a second friend request. It’s easier to immediately explain what happened.

Is the game worth the candle? Yes, if you have reached the limit on the number of friends, you have an overloaded news feed and you will receive 10-15 requests to add friends daily. All these problems can be solved with the click of a button.

3. Customize the template

This is the layout of the business page, it depends on which buttons and tabs will be active. Facebook selects the template automatically, focusing on the category, but it can be changed.

Go to the “Settings” tab in the upper panel. In the left column, select the "Edit Page" column. Click "Edit" next to the template.

Facebook offers nine templates: “Restaurants and Cafes”, “Company”, “Venues”, “Shopping”, “Nonprofit Organization”, “Politicians”, “Services”, “Video Creator” and “Standard”. To see which buttons and tabs are included in the template, click Show Details. If you are at a loss with the choice of a template, put "Standard".

The tabs “Home”, “Publications”, “Reviews”, “Groups”, “Shop”, “Offers”, “Photos”, “Events”, “Video”, “Information”, “Live broadcasts”, “Notes” are available , “Services”, “Community”.

You can arrange the tabs as you wish and hide unnecessary ones. To do this, click SettingsEdit page. To swap tabs, just drag them with the mouse. To hide unnecessary ones, click the Settings button to the right of the tab name and in the window that appears, select Off.

To show inactive tabs, click Add Tab. Full list will open.

Located under the cover of the page in the right column. She offers visitors to perform the target action: call, write a message, go to the store, download the application.

To change the target action, hover over the button and select “Edit button” in the drop-down list A complete list of targeted actions appears. Select the one you need and click "Next" Now you need to specify where the button leads. For example, if the target action is “Call”, then add a phone number, if “Make a purchase” - then a link to the store. After setting, check how the button works. To do this, hover over it and select "Test button" in the drop-down list.

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Profile photo

In the web version, located in the upper left corner, in the Facebook mobile application - under the cover. The photo is square, but in announcements and publications it is displayed round. Choose an image that fits into the circle. Usually companies put logos on the avatar, and public people put their photos.

To upload a profile photo, click on the camera icon

Which photo to choose

A square photo with high resolution will do. For example, 960 × 960 pixels. To display the profile photo in high quality, download the file with the PNG extension.

If you are building a personal brand and starting a business page for personal promotion, take studio photography. Tell the photographer in advance that you need a square thumbnail. For a profile, a photograph is suitable, where the face is depicted in large, and you kindly look into the frame. According to a study by E-Harmony, people who have an avatar whose face occupies a smaller part of the frame (for example, they are shown waist-high or full-length) write much less often. Do not upload the photo in sunglasses, it is important for people to see the eyes.

Illustration that presents your page. Having looked at the cover, the visitor must understand what you are doing and be interested.

The purpose of the cover is to make people subscribe to the page. If you are actively driving traffic, then the cover should match the advertisement in the ad. An exaggerated example: if you advertise cooking courses, and on the cover of the community is a rock climber (you never know, suddenly you have a multi-station enterprise), then, having come to your page from an advertisement, a person will think: “Why did I come here?”. The cover should be such that such thoughts do not arise in people. It can also be used to notify visitors of promotions or events taking place at you.

Three types of Facebook covers

Photo. The optimal size is 820 × 312 pixels. To make the cover load faster, use a file with sRGB color profile, .jpg extension, and a size of less than 100 KB. If you want high quality images, use the PNG extension.

Slide show. Carousel of several photos. Technical requirements are the same as for photo covers. On the first slide you can tell who you are and what you do. On the rest - post information about promotions, products or events.

Video. The optimal resolution is 820 × 456 pixels. Duration - from 20 to 90 seconds.

It is important for companies to know that a high-quality promo or fashion video successfully looks like a video cover of a business page. The first time I saw such a cover at the Odessa Film Festival and was amazed at how spectacular it looks. So I recommend trying this format, the main thing is to observe horizontal proportions and technical requirements.

Three examples of cool video art

Cool video cover at The Bell page. In a short clip, important world events are collected: Putin meets with Trump, a rocket takes off from the launch site, they test an unmanned car. At the end of the video, the announcement appears “The most useful news in the daily newsletter in five minutes.”

On the cover of Samsung, the company introduces the Galaxy Note 8. The video shows which photos and illustrations can be taken using a smartphone.

The jellyfish in the video tells how it can be useful to the visitor.

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Map and mode of operation

Available only to companies and public people.

Select the “Information” tab in the left menu of the page. Click the "Edit" button above the map. Change or add the required information If there is no “Edit” button, then you need to change the category of the page. This can be done in the "General" section of the "Information" tab. There is no exact information in Facebook Help for which pages you can set the address and mode of operation. Протестируйте подходящие вам по тематике категории

Поле «Наша история»

Относительно новый раздел, который отображается в правом меню и выглядит как заметка. Here, tell in detail about yourself or your company, add the necessary links, upcoming events and promotions.

Medical Business Forum in the field "Our History" publish a poster of events

For promotion, many people need both a business page and a group. If you add information about a group to the page, visitors will be able to join it.

Go to the “Groups” tab in the left menu of the page. You can create a new group or add an existing one.

You can add the phone, the name of the page in the Facebook messenger, the address of the site, email, accounts in other social networks. Facebook allows you to add links to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitch. If you are promoting on any of these networks, then add links so that visitors subscribe to them.

6. Add goods and services

Organizations that provide services can talk about them in the appropriate section of the page.

Go to the “Services” tab in the left column and click the “Add a service” button. Be sure to include a name and description. Price, duration of service, illustration - optional

The disadvantage of the previous method is that in the "Services" section there are no target buttons. The page visitor cannot read about the service and immediately leave a request.

But the target buttons are in the "Shop" tab. In theory, it is intended only for goods, but many companies use it to talk about services.

5 o’click online sales agency posted services in the Store section The product card has a description and a button for the target action. The visitor can immediately go to the site and place an order To add goods and services to the “Shop”, select the appropriate tab in the left column. In the window that appears, check the box "I agree with the terms and conditions of trade" and click "Continue" Choose how you want to receive applications: in page messages or on the site

Tell us about a product or service: add a photo or video, name, price and description. The section “Variants” will be needed if a product or service has several variations, for example, a dress has three colors.

Make sure that “Inventory” indicates “In stock”, in the “Visibility” column - “Available to all” and click the “Save” button. The product will be sent for moderation and will appear in the "Store" after the approval of Facebook.

It can publish cafes and restaurants. Go to the "Information" tab. The column “Add menu” is located in the section “More information”. You can add the menu as a photo or a PDF file. The maximum size is 1 MB. The image will be placed in the left column, where the corresponding tab will appear.

This is the menu on the website of the Moscow restaurant "Shinok"

Answer assistant

The section sets up user greetings and automatic replies. If you write messages in the language spoken by visitors, you can increase audience loyalty. For example, a punk band fan would be more pleased to see the message “Hoi” in the messenger, rather than “Good afternoon”.

Select the "Messaging" tab in the "Settings"

What the answer assistant can do

Send instant replies to people who write a message to the page. A message will come to the person if you are not online. The column has a standard message in Russian.

Answer even when you're not at the computer or phone. The function duplicates the previous one. The only difference is that you can indicate the time on the chart when you are available for an answer. When you are offline, the user receives an automatic response. By default, the column displays a template message in English.

Show greetings on Facebook Messenger. The greeting that visitors will see when they first open your page in the messenger. The column displays a message in English. Instead of the standard version, you can write your own in any language - this can increase customer loyalty and trust in you.

Imagine starting a conversation with a living person. No need to write paragraphs of the text at the beginning of the conversation - this is how people do not communicate in life. I recommend a personalized short greeting, context of inquiry, question. To start a conversation at the end, a question is desirable.

If visitors to the page often have the same questions, you can start a chat bot in the messenger. This is a program that is able to send information to the interlocutor according to a given algorithm.

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The business page category determines which settings will be available. If you are at a loss with a choice, put the most suitable one, later it can be changed.

Name your business page in advance. Then, in order to change it, you need to send a request to Facebook and not the fact that it will be approved.

Customize the target action button, which is located under the cover. It will help convert visitors to customers.

With the help of a spectacular cover, you can interest people. Put a promo or fashion video on the cover.

Tell us about the company's services in the "Store". The section has buttons for the target action.

Set up an automatic greeting in the messenger, quick answers and make a chat bot if visitors have the same questions.

How to change the page owner in FB?

When I figured out how to change the page owner in the FB, there was a difficulty in defining the role. Indeed, on VKontakte, even with a large number of administrators and editors, the creator of the public cannot be deleted. On Facebook, everything is completely different, and the role of the owner is performed by the Administrator. And the original creator can be deleted without any problems.

And now a little instruction on how to do this:

  1. We pass to our public.
  2. Click on the "Settings" at the top of the page. It is located to the right of the "Publishing Tools" section.
  3. In the left menu we find "Page Roles".
  4. Before you remove the previous owner, you need to add the future. To do this, we enter his name in the "Assign a new role on the Page" field. He must be your friend. Then we change the role itself. By default there is "Editor". Our choice is “Administrator”. Then click "Add."
  5. It remains to remove the previous owner. To do this, we find it in the existing public roles just below.
  6. Click on "Edit." Now we can change its role or completely delete it. The delete button is to the left of the cancel.

And in conclusion of this topic, I remind you of the danger posed by untrusted admins - they can easily steal your public, and you will lose everything that you put into it.

What should be done to protect after changing the page owner?

As I already wrote, the most important frontier of protection will be the competent choice of an administrator. If you, of course, do not want to lose public. Also, most likely, you created a public to connect Insta and Facebook. In order to completely erase the previous owner, remove the connection with Insta. This is really easy to do, so I won’t write about it here. In the end, this paragraph is only about my tips to improve the security of the page and your profile. And here there are fewer lines between you and the attackers than, for example, on Instagram. And the key to the absence of fraud will be only your suspicion towards unfamiliar users of social networks.

Step-by-step instructions on how to change your Facebook page name

Changing a public Facebook account is not as simple as in VK. And simple ways to do it is difficult if more than 200 people like your page. If less, everything is much simpler - you just need to edit the field. If more, nothing will come of it.

But there is one option in order to circumvent the limitations of a social network:

  1. Turn on the VPN, in which you can select the country.
  2. We put the location of the United States.
  3. Log in to your Facebook profile.
  4. Then everything is much easier. But I recommend for those who do not know English, to open the right path in advance. I don't know English well, so I did. Next, I list the actions with menu items in Russian.
  5. In the left menu we find the "Information" section.
  6. Opposite the page name will be the word edit. Remember it.
  7. In another tab, go to English, then update the tab with the public information.
  8. Now everything should work out. Give it a try. If it doesn’t work, update again.

What difficulties may arise?

Changing the name just seems easy. Although the Facebook Administration claims that once is possible, but, alas, most often this is not so. If you liked more than 200 users, this is generally impossible. In this case, you can try to circumvent this limitation by a little spamming and asking subscribers to offer your public name change. But it is time consuming and intrusive - it can push users away from you. Therefore, I advise you to still use a VPN and not to worry about anything. Better yet, think about the name right away, not later. This is not VKontakte, everything is arranged differently here.


How to change the name of the page on Facebook? This question is really not simple, you have to sweat a little to solve it. But, nevertheless, you can change the name. The administration says that only once. Of course, I will not check this. And I do not advise you - make the name of the public so that it fits any future rebranding.

But with the change of owner, everything is much simpler - just appoint a new administrator and delete the previous one. Or do not delete - this will not limit the new owner. If you need to break off all relations with the previous admin, do not forget to remove the connection of the public with Instagram - the social network automatically considers the Facebook account associated with the Instagram page that works with our page to be the owner.

Facebook Page Name Algorithm

The Hola application allows you to deceive Facebook by demonstrating to the social group not Russian - real - IP, but IP American. You are flipping through a news feed while sitting in a Moscow office, and your browser thinks you're in New York.

After installing Hola, the possibilities for the Russian Facebook user are expanding markedly. Having selected the country of the USA in the application, you need to log in on behalf of the page whose name you plan to change.

Going to the "Settings", you must change the language of the page from Russian to English. After that, you need to click the “Page info” button and follow the Request Change link.

Again no luck? Press F5, the page will refresh and offer to change the name.

Accept the paragraph “I understand the formatting guidelines for my Page’s new name” and determine the page category:

After that, you need to agree with the paragraph “I would still like to change my Page name” and specify the new page name in the “Desired Page name” field.

In the drop-down box, indicate the reason for which you want to change the name.

Then upload a scan of the document, which clearly shows the name of your organization and its legal address. Any invoice your company pays or bills will do.

To prove the existence of our agency, we sent a scan of the invoice issued to the client for the provision of our services. By the time the screenshot was sent, we had a legal entity with the new name of the agency ready. The text in the screenshot was written in Cyrillic. The screenshot confirms, rather, the existence of the agency than the relevance of the requested name.

By the way, changing the name on Facebook is possible only in the Latin alphabet, that is, you cannot change Studio to Studio, just the opposite. Click the “Send” button - this is the last step before changing the page name.

Facebook paused for 14 days, after which the focus worked: Studio ONE TOUCH successfully changed to Agency ONE TOUCH. Rebranding went like clockwork.