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Calamine: instructions for use and customer reviews


"Kalamin" is intended for external treatment of rashes that occur during exacerbation of chickenpox. This Israeli product contains natural ingredients, and therefore the medicine rarely gives side effects and is not addictive. Using "Kalamin" with chickenpox, you can eliminate itching, inflammation, redness and other manifestations of the disease. Thanks to the use of lotion, it is possible to prevent the attachment of a secondary infection.

Indications and contraindications

More often it is recommended to use "Calamine" to suppress the symptoms that occur during the acute course of the disease. However, this drug can be used in the treatment of other skin diseases. The effectiveness of the drug has been proven in the fight against manifestations of herpes infection of any type, psoriasis, acne, allergies.

Due to the fact that the composition of "Kalamin" contains natural ingredients, the product is approved for use in the treatment of postoperative consequences, eliminating itching from insect bites and suppressing the complications of sunburn.

The drug does not cause adverse reactions. In this regard, they often resort to the use of "Kalamin" with chickenpox in children from the age of three years. In some cases, this cosmetic product is used in the treatment of smallpox in newborns, provided that systemic drugs are administered to patients of this age group.

The use of Kalamin Lotion in cases of exacerbation of chickenpox during pregnancy is also allowed.

The drug can not be used if there is an individual intolerance. In the event of an allergic rash and redness, not associated with exacerbation of smallpox, you should abandon the drug in favor of other antiherpetic drugs. It is not recommended to use this lotion for chickenpox, if the patient's condition does not improve within one week.

In order to avoid negative consequences, the rules of storage and use should be observed. The medicine retains its initial properties for 36 months, provided that the ambient temperature is in the range of 5-25 degrees. If a colorless agent forms a precipitate, treatment of the body should be abandoned. In case of contact with lotion or cream, rinse the eyes with dechlorinated water.

The role of calamine in the treatment of chickenpox

Chicken pox during an exacerbation provokes the appearance of multiple rashes on the body that cause itching. Over time, open wounds form in problem areas, which increases the risk of bacterial infection of the skin.

The main danger of chickenpox is that the disease in the active stage provokes intense itching. Because of this, children often comb, thereby contributing to the attachment of bacteria. In the future, due to infection, inflammatory processes develop and suppuration of the dermis occurs, which leads to more serious consequences.

In connection with these factors, it is important to begin treatment of the disease at the initial stage of development. In this case, you need to use various antiherpetic drugs, including systemic drugs.

The use of “Kalamin” lotion for chickenpox is justified by the fact that the medicine has a complex effect on problem areas:

  • suppresses inflammatory processes,
  • eliminates skin swelling,
  • cools the dermis, due to which the itching disappears,
  • disinfects open wounds, thereby preventing the attachment of bacterial microflora,
  • dries rashes,
  • provides fast healing of damaged tissues.

Simultaneously with the rapid disposal of chickenpox, Kalamin creates a film on the surface of open wounds. This provides additional protection against bacterial microflora. And thanks to the properties of "Kalamin" with regular use of the lotion, the duration of treatment for chickenpox is reduced.

Calamine Lotion Against Skin Diseases

Types of drug

More often this drug is used in the form of a lotion. This chickenpox remedy is sold in 100-milliliter containers. The lotion is based on the active substance calamine, which is 15% of the total volume of the drug. Also included in the product are zinc oxide, sodium citrate, phenol, glycerin and bentonite.

Unlike ointments with chickenpox, “Kalamin” in the form of a lotion quickly penetrates the structure of the dermis, thereby providing a quick effect.

The cream of the same name is rarely used in the treatment of this disease. This tool is mainly acquired to eliminate skin irritation caused by shaving. The chickenpox cream contains medical clay, and the remaining substances are replaced by extracts of various plants and iron oxide.

Regardless of the form of release, "Calamine" is not considered a drug. Lotion and cream are used as cosmetic products that eliminate the manifestations of various diseases. "Calamine" is recommended as a supplement to the drug treatment of herpes infection. But thanks to this feature, the product can be purchased without a prescription.

Application principle

The instruction for use states that this tool is only suitable for the treatment of problem areas. Before applying the drug to the body, the bottle must be shaken. Next, you need to moisten a cotton swab or tampon in the lotion and treat herpetic eruptions last. After this, wait until the composition is absorbed.

Regardless of the form of release, the product does not leave marks on clothing, so the tool can be used before going out. Take "Kalamin" inside is prohibited. When components enter the stomach, there are signs of acute intoxication of the body.

The thickness of the layer of cream applied to the body may be different.

How many days to smear chickenpox Kalamin

Kalamin recommends processing problem areas up to seven times a day. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the case. Use "Kalamin" from chickenpox is recommended until the signs of the disease disappear.

In addition to cosmetics, other local or systemic drugs must be used in the treatment. The latter include antiviral drugs and vitamin complexes. With this approach, the duration of treatment is reduced to several days.

Release forms and composition

Calamine is produced in several forms of release:

  • Lotion for local treatment of skin, pale pink, in a glass or plastic bottle of 100 ml. When used, a specific odor may be felt,
  • Cream has a white color and a liquid consistency, is available in plastic tubes of 20 g.

The composition of the lotion for external use contains the following components:

  • Calamine
  • Zinc oxide
  • Glycerol,
  • Bentonite,
  • Sodium citrate,
  • Phenol,
  • Purified water.

Kalamin cream also contains in its composition medical clay and extracts of medicinal plants.

Useful properties and effect of the drug

Calamine has a large number of useful properties for the epidermis during exacerbation of infection, regardless of the form of action, the drug acts equally on the skin.

Proper use allows you to achieve the following useful properties:

  • Soothes the skin
  • The cooling effect eliminates itching,
  • Redness and unpleasant symptoms decrease
  • Dries the rash
  • Reduces inflammation
  • It has an antibacterial effect,
  • Reduces the development of infection in the skin cells,
  • Eliminates the risk of complications
  • Heals damaged cells
  • It is used to remove a large number of skin diseases.

In the epidermis, there is a decrease in pathological processes, as a result of which inflammation and swelling of the skin are reduced. Active components of zinc trigger natural processes in cells aimed at regeneration.

Existing analogues

Among the existing analogues of "Kalamin" with chickenpox, a similar effect is demonstrated by Kalmosan ointment. This is explained by the fact that both funds have a similar composition. Also replace the lotion is capable of "Calamine D". This drug is a complete analogue of Calamine, except that the first one is cheaper (about 300-410 rubles).

To suppress itching with chickenpox, a solution of diamond greens is often used. This substance has an antiseptic effect and costs less than 100 rubles.

In the list of inexpensive analogues, you can include zinc ointment (paste), which disinfects and dries rashes.

"Belosalik" has a pronounced antipruritic effect. The drug contains the hormone betamezon, which is why the medicine is not used in the treatment of chickenpox in children. Belosalik eliminates the inflammatory process, suppresses the bacterial microflora and relieves swelling.

Indications for appointment

Using calamine can quickly reduce the symptoms of diseases such as:

  • Eczema,
  • Psoriasis,
  • Itching on the epidermis
  • Chicken pox
  • Inflamed insect bites,
  • Burns
  • Lichen lesions
  • Dermatitis
  • Herpes,
  • Acne and blackheads.

Hydrogel PoxClean

PoxClean gel reduces the intensity of the general symptoms characteristic of chickenpox. The preparation is based on water, thanks to which the natural components of the product (extracts of herbs and plants) quickly penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

The hydrogel contains 2QR, derived from aloe vera. The latter provides an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Other components of the hydrogel cool the skin, reducing the intensity of itching, and accelerate the healing of damaged areas. Like Kalamin, PoxClean creates a protective film in the problem area, which prevents the attachment of bacterial microflora.

Hydrogel costs about 800-1200 rubles.

Belosalik and PoxClean

Suspension "Tsindol" is suitable for external treatment of chickenpox eruptions. The product is based on zinc oxide, which dries and disinfects the skin. At the same time, Tsindol suppresses the inflammatory process and reduces the intensity of other chickenpox symptoms. The cost of such a drug is 120 rubles.

Other analogues

To accelerate the healing of wounds, with chickenpox it is recommended to use the Panthenol spray. The tool simultaneously eliminates the inflammatory process.

Tsindol and Panthenol

A similar effect is demonstrated by Poxycline. In addition to panthenol, this medicine contains extracts of aloe, chamomile and lavender, thanks to which the itching disappears after applying the gel.

Klamin helps to speed up the recovery of a patient with chickenpox. An iodine-containing drug is recommended as an adjunct to medical treatment. "Klamin" must be taken inside.

To quickly eliminate the itching, the Turkish drug Ovadril is suitable. The product contains zinc oxide, lidocaine and diphenohydramine. Unlike Calamine, Ovadril often has side effects. At the same time, the Turkish drug quickly suppresses the bacterial microflora.

"Calamine" is used in the treatment of external manifestations of chickenpox. The cosmetic product accelerates wound healing, eliminates itching and prevents the attachment of a secondary infection. The duration of treatment with this drug is determined depending on the severity of the case. Before using drugs in the treatment of chickenpox, it is recommended to coordinate the selected medicine with a doctor.

Indications for use

What helps calamine? According to the instructions, lotion is prescribed in the following cases:

  • dermatitis,
  • psoriasis,
  • chicken pox,
  • rubella,
  • herpes zoster and herpes,
  • allergy,
  • hives,
  • rash of various etiologies,
  • blackheads
  • sunburn,
  • insect bites.

It is used for various skin diseases, including infectious ones - it is used to quickly relieve itching, for example, in postoperative sutures.

Instructions for use Calamine, dosage of lotion

Lotion is applied exclusively externally. Before applying, you need to shake the bottle several times, then apply the lotion to cotton or a cotton pad and gently lubricate areas of the skin where itching is felt or rashes are observed. According to the instructions for use, Calamine can be applied 2 to 4 times a day, with chickenpox, the lotion is applied to the bubbles as they appear / if necessary.

The use of Kalamin lotion for chickenpox will help get rid of itchy skin and prevent the child from scratching itchy vesicles.

The drug in the form of an ointment is used very rarely, but no less effective. More often it is used in veterinary medicine than in medical practice. Chickenpox ointment is applied several times a day.

Do not swallow, the lotion is intended for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes, such as the mouth and nose.

Side effects

The instruction warns of the possibility of developing the following side effects when prescribing calamine:

  • Allergic reactions are possible with intolerance to the components of the lotion.


It is contraindicated to prescribe Calamine Lotion in the following cases:

  • Individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to one of the components of the drug.


Overdose data not provided.

Application rules

To achieve a more visible result, you should carefully read the instructions for use.

And also perform the following algorithm of actions:

  • A place with skin lesions is recommended to be treated with soapy water, blot with a towel,
  • Shake the bottle and unscrew the cap,
  • Dip a cotton swab in a liquid and spread evenly over the skin,
  • Leave to dry completely.
  • The treatment procedure is carried out 3 times a day, the duration of use until all unpleasant symptoms disappear.

Application Method:

  • To clear skin of cosmetic substances and other types of pollution,
  • Using a cotton swab, apply the cream directly to each papule on the skin. If the affected area is large, the cream is applied in a thick layer to the entire skin area,
  • Leave until completely absorbed.
  • The cream is applied three times a day until the unpleasant symptoms disappear completely.

Analogs Kalamin, the price in pharmacies

If necessary, you can replace Calamine with an analogue in therapeutic effect - these are drugs:

When choosing analogues, it is important to understand that the instructions for use of Kalamin lotion, price and reviews do not apply to drugs of similar effect. It is important to get a doctor’s consultation and not to make an independent drug change.

Price in pharmacies in Moscow and Russia: Calamine Lotion - from 688 to 799 rubles, according to 385 pharmacies.

Sale in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription.

With chickenpox

Use for chickenpox infection:

  • Shake a bottle of lotion, apply to a cotton pad or cotton ball,
  • Gently, without damaging the papules, wipe the skin with lotion,
  • It is recommended to change the cotton pad after treating each area of ​​the body to reduce the increase in infection,
  • Apply lotion 4-5 times a day until the disease disappears completely.

The cream is applied pointwise to each papule and left to absorb. That is why the use of cream is considered less convenient in the treatment of chickenpox.

Most often, the drug quickly has a positive effect, and a person in a short time feels relief and a reduction in unpleasant symptoms.


Calamine has no prohibitions on use during pregnancy and bearing a child.

However, in this case, a woman should observe the following features of the use of Kalamine:

  • Before use, consult a specialist:
  • Be sure to do a sensitivity test,
  • The drug is applied to the skin in a reduced dosage no more than once a day,
  • The duration of treatment should not exceed 10 days,
  • The drug is used in case of acute skin diseases to reduce unpleasant symptoms and prevent the spread of infection.

Use in childhood

Calamine is prescribed from the age of 6 months to treat the following problems:

  • Chickenpox,
  • Insect bites
  • Rubella,
  • Dermatitis,
  • Sunburn,
  • Allergic reactions, which are manifested by severe skin rash,
  • Scratches and cuts to prevent infection.

To apply, you must perform the following steps:

  • Consult a pediatrician,
  • Perform a test for an individual body reaction,
  • Apply the substance twice to the affected area of ​​the body,
  • The duration of treatment is up to 14 days.

When a reaction in the form of a rash and blisters forms on the skin, treatment should be stopped, such symptoms are very rare and have the ability to disappear on their own after a short time.


The use of Calamine is contraindicated in the following situations:

  • Individual sensitivity to constituent components,
  • Open wounds
  • Near the mucous membranes, next to the eyes, nose and oral cavity,

Kalamin does not have other prohibitions on the use, if after a weekly course of treatment there is no positive result, you should stop treatment and consult your doctor for further advice.

Precautionary measures

The use of the drug requires special precautions, which include:

  • If it gets on the mucous membranes, it can cause an allergic reaction, therefore, in the event of this kind of situation, it is necessary to rinse the mucous membranes with clean water,
  • Avoid getting the substance into the body, it can cause poisoning,
  • Improper use of calamine can cause allergies in the form of red spots or acne. If these symptoms appear, treatment is recommended to be discontinued.

Drug Interactions

The drug is used, if necessary, in complex therapy with other types of agents.

Requires the following features:

  • Not applicable with other types of agents for external treatment,
  • Use in joint treatment with means containing alcohol is contraindicated.

The use of drugs is prescribed strictly by a doctor, the independent use of additional drugs is prohibited.

Terms of sale and shelf life

  1. Calamine can be purchased at the pharmacy without the need for a prescription.
  2. Shelf life 3 years from the date marked on the package.
  3. At the opening of the product, the shelf life is 6 months.
  4. It is not allowed to freeze and be exposed to direct sunlight.
  5. Keep away from children.
  6. When used internally, it causes poisoning.

The drug has the following cost:

  • Calamine Lotion - 700 rubles ,
  • Cream - 540 rubles .

Calamine rarely causes side effects and is used for treatment from the first days of life, however, if there is an increased sensitivity of a person to the components of the drug, agents with a similar effect on the problem can be prescribed.

The most commonly used analogues are:

  • Tsindol - a substance that contains zinc in its composition has the ability to disinfect and remove inflammatory formations from the epidermis. It is used to treat various types of skin diseases. It has the ability to form a protective film, and eliminate the influence of external factors on the damaged area. It is applied from the age of 6 months. Cost 70 rubles ,
  • Zinc Ointment - the drug is dispensed without the need for a prescription. It is prescribed to eliminate skin lesions from the first days of life. The substance practically does not have side effects and helps to restore the natural processes of epidermal cell restoration. Cost 40 rubles ,
  • Fucorcin - alcohol-based drug. Used for antiseptic effect on the problem area. Eliminates various types of infection, dries papules. It can be used to treat fungal infections. It is prescribed for the treatment of diseases with the presence of purulent formation. Not applicable up to 5 years and during the period of bearing a child. Price 90 rubles ,
  • PoxClean - It is most often prescribed for the treatment of chicken pox, has a drying and antibacterial effect on the blisters. Special active ingredients contribute to the rapid healing of ulcers after the destruction of the blisters. The active ingredients are of plant origin, and after the first application they eliminate unpleasant symptoms. After application, it forms a film, due to which the duration of the substance is much longer without the need for repeated application. It is applied from the age of 1 year. Cost 900 rubles .

It is also possible to use drugs such as Kalmosan ointment and Tsikabio, however, difficulties may arise with the acquisition of these funds, since they are rarely found in pharmacy kiosks. average cost 300 rubles .

The use of similar drugs is strictly prescribed by the attending physician. Before using any drug, it is necessary to study the instructions in detail, conduct an individual sensitivity test.

Reviews about the drug Calamine:


The use of the substance Calamine reduces the discomfort from the occurrence of such types of diseases as chickenpox and the like. Calamine is particularly popular for the treatment of skin diseases in children in the first years of life.

Proper and timely use of the lotion helps prevent complications and relapses. Medical experts recommend that special care be taken when eliminating skin infections in childhood.

Parents should ensure that Calamine does not enter the oral cavity and the membranes of the eyes and nose. Full compliance with the instructions and advice of the attending physician will achieve results in a short time and protect against re-infection.

What is chickenpox

Chickenpox, or chickenpox, is an infectious viral disease characterized by the appearance of a specific rash on the skin. The disease is accompanied by symptoms of intoxication (fever, weakness, lack of appetite).

Chicken pox is a highly contagious disease that is quickly transmitted by airborne droplets. Susceptibility to it is high, so approximately 90% of the population tolerate it in childhood. The chickenpox virus (Varicella zoster) lives only in the human body, and when it gets into the air with mucus particles when coughing and talking, it dies within 15 minutes.

During this period, with air, it can travel quite large distances. Therefore, it is very easy to get chickenpox, and if a patient appears in a children's team, the virus spreads quickly.

Symptoms of the disease

After 10-21 days, the first symptoms of the disease appear, the child becomes lethargic, his appetite disappears and body temperature may rise. Then red spots appear on the skin, which within a few hours turn into single-chamber vesicles filled with a clear liquid. After they open, crusts appear on the surface.

Rashes with chickenpox cause a fairly severe itching, and scratching can lead to secondary infections and scarring (the so-called smallpox).

It is difficult for a small child to explain that small bubbles on the body cannot be combed, therefore it is necessary to use dermatological agents that will help to cope with the problem and prevent secondary infection.

With proper skin care and the use of Kalamin, problems can be avoided, since the remedy relieves itching, which, in turn, prevents combing and the appearance of deep wounds and scars on the skin.

Release form and composition of Kalamin

Calamine lotion is a light pink (colorless or white) opaque suspension with a faint, subtle smell of phenol in 100 ml dark glass bottles.

The lotion contains calamine (zinc carbonate), zinc oxide, glycerin, bentonite clay, water, carbolic acid and sodium citrate. In addition to these components, some manufacturers may add essential or vegetable oils, as well as potato starch.

Calamine is also released as an ointment. But for the treatment of chickenpox, it is better to use a lotion, since it is water-based, therefore it is absorbed and dries faster. Unlike ointment, such a tool does not leave greasy stains on clothes.

Drug action

Calamine lotion after application to the skin surface and drying forms a thin film on the surface. It prevents pathogenic microorganisms from penetrating injured tissues.

Also, the product prevents the infiltrate from opening rashes on healthy areas of the skin. The drug has a drying effect, which is especially important for chickenpox.

The drug has the following actions:

  • eliminates burning and itching,
  • has an antiseptic effect,
  • eliminates puffiness,
  • reduces redness
  • cools and moisturizes the skin,
  • stimulates the regeneration of the skin.

Indications for use

Chickenpox passes within 7-10 days, in the future, the body develops a persistent lifelong immunity to this disease. Therefore, many people before purchasing a medicine think about in what cases you can still use it.

The instructions for the drug indicate that it can be used for the following dermatological diseases:

  • herpes (including herpes zoster),
  • demodicosis
  • allergic and atopic dermatitis,
  • eczema,
  • psoriasis,
  • acne,
  • measles and rubella.

Also, the lotion can be used for sunburn. It relieves itching and swelling well after stings of stinging insects (bees, wasps, mosquitoes) or contact with stinging and poisonous plants. It can be scratched. For cosmetic purposes, Calamine is used for oily problem skin.

How to apply Calamine Lotion for chickenpox

In order for the medicine to acquire a uniform consistency, it must be shaken well before use. To apply the product, you can use cotton wool, a cotton pad or stick, a bandage that needs to be moistened with lotion.

The medicine is gently applied to areas of the skin where the rash is located or itching is felt. After this, you need to wait a bit for the skin to dry. You can wear clothes only after the medicine dries, since only in this case it forms a protective film. Otherwise, the necessary effect from its application will not be.

The drug is applied 2–4 times a day. Treatment is carried out until the symptoms of the disease completely disappear. In other diseases, the method of use may vary.

4 reviews for “Calamine (Lotion)”

Great remedy for chickenpox! Before buying Kalamin, we tried both zelenka and Tsindol, which is cheaper, but everything was in vain ...

With chickenpox in a child, Kalamin helped immediately. The child ceased to act up and pull the handles to comb the itchy place. The course of treatment was enough, even a third of the bottle of lotion was left!

Calamine Lotion is the first remedy you need to stock up on chickenpox. In addition, it can be used for dermatitis, after insect bites, removing itching and discomfort.

A super thing, they were the only ones saved when the child had chickenpox!

Shelf life

Shelf life of the lotion leaves 3 years. Keep the medicine in a cool, dark place and out of the reach of children. After opening the bottle, the drug retains its properties for one year.

Since the drug is expensive and not available in every pharmacy, it is possible to replace it with other medicines with a similar effect, such as Floceta, PoxClean, Tsindol.

A direct analogue of Calamine lotion and ointment is the Turkish product Kalmosan, which is released in the form of a suspension and cream.

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