Useful Tips

How to make a Dragon Footballer in Dragon City


If you can’t enter the game, enter the code - TybO1e
Missing quests (goals) - RQ6O7u. Restore tab: "view tasks"
Your pets do not die in battle - 3TC8Bp
Hack Dragon City: dragons in an incubator grow instantly - dcu6nZ
Million Foods - RtVk3I
Expansion of the island -H8gKsZ. Enlarges the island three times.
Dragon City does not restart - QNFjyK. After entering the code, an update is installed, after which the game does not crash and does not restart.
Cheats Dragon City: crystals - JJezVP. Given a thousand units
Add One Legendary Dragon - UFyRL2
Get Ten Chests - xTQ4u1

Immerse yourself in a new, unique, full of beauties and surprises world of fierce and cute dragons! Dragon City has over a hundred different species of these fabulous reptiles. The user needs to raise kids, increase their skill level and become a powerful lord of the Dragon City.

Gold, crystals, diamonds, diamonds

The user needs to catch, cross and receive new types of formidable fighters. In total, there are ten types of reptiles in Dragon City. Mountains and crossbreeding trees need to be improved in order to significantly reduce the time of crossing dragons and get new eggs faster. You can also place eggs in an incubator (up to five) for the growth of dragonflies. In order for these processes to occur instantly, rather than spend a lot of time, use the cheats, codes, and secrets of hacking the Dragon City, which will significantly increase the speed of passage.

The application has several drawbacks - a significant investment of real money to buy inside the game currency: diamonds, crystals, diamonds, is constantly rebooted and requires a huge amount of time to breed and cross characters. But with the help of the cheat list, Dragon City codes, you can quickly solve these problems and enjoy the application.

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Your actions

Launch the Dragon City app.

Click on the “Mountain In Which Dragons Bring Out” (Breeding Mountain) icon. This is a place where you can cross your dragons so that you have different type of dragons.

Click on the Breed icon in the lower right corner of the screen to bring out the dragon.

Choose two dragons that you will need to cross. To bring out the Dragon of the Football Player, you will need to select the following dragons:

  • Medieval Dragon and Alpine Dragon
  • Dragon of Fire Stone (Flaming Rock Dragon) and Dragon Snowflake (Snowflake Dragon)
  • Volcanic Dragon (Volcano Dragon) and Pearl Dragon (Pearl Dragon)
  • Dragon Steampunk (Dragon) and Dragon Ice Cube (Ice Cube Dragon)
  • Cloud Dragon and Ice Cube Dragon
  • Blizzard Dragon and Dandelion Dragon
  • Firebird Dragon and Mojito Dragon
  • Spicy Dragon and Glowing Dragon (Fluorescent Dragon)
  • Laser Dragon and Moose Dragon
  • Hot Metal Dragon and Platinum Dragon
  • Dragon Vampire (Vampire Dragon) and Dragon Penguin (Penguin Dragon)
  • Ice Cube Dragon and Blizzard Dragon
  • Click on the corresponding dragons, which will be listed in two lists on the monitor.

Click on “Start breeding”.

Wait until the dragon is fully withdrawn. How long it will be displayed depends on how rarely this dragon is found in the game.

  • The process can be accelerated with the help of precious stones.

Click on the Hatchery. You will see an egg. Wait some more time until the dragon is ready to hatch.

  • Click on “Hatch”. Now you have your own dragon Soccer Player!
  • When the computer asks you what you would like to do with your new dragon, then click on "Place" (Place).