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How to replace the wiper blades?


It should be remembered that the rubber bands that are on each wiper can effectively perform their functions for six months. The field of this must be replaced or the entire wiper blade, or the rubber tape itself. And in fact, and in another case, the brush from the wiper arm will need to be removed. Any motorist, if desired, can do it on his own - removing wipers is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

  1. To simply remove the wiper blade from the lever to replace the rubber tape, it will be enough just to swing the wiper lever up and push down the plastic retainer, which is located on the middle axis of the brush. Squeezing the latch, at the same time, with a slight movement, pull the brush off the lever and replace it with a new one, or replace the rubber band in the old brush. To replace the rubber band, it is necessary to unclip the mounting brackets on one side of the brush, pull out the worn rubber band and install the metal clips on the new one. In this case, the bend should be directed strictly down - towards the glass. Now you can insert a new rubber tape into the brush and clamp it with mounting brackets.
  2. If a malfunction is detected in the wiper mechanism, and not the brush, but the lever itself needs to be replaced, you will have to remove the wipers as a whole. To do this, open the hood of the car and find the black protective cap, which is located on the axis of the lever in front. It must be carefully pry and remove. A hex nut is located under the cap; unscrew and remove the washer. The lever itself should be removed with a sharp movement, pulling it from the fine-splined connection of the wiper axis.
  3. For subsequent installation, the wiper arms must be screwed so that the left arm is located six centimeters from the bottom edge of the windshield. The right lever is installed so that it reaches the bottom markings on the windshield. All work on the installation of wipers is carried out only after installing the wiper motor in its original position.

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What are wipers and when should they be changed?

Clever dictionaries write that they are “windshield wipers”, they are also wipers - a device designed to remove drops and dirt from a windshield. According to regulatory requirements, such devices should be equipped not only with cars, but also with trains, planes and ships.

How often should the “wipers" be changed, and by what signs can the driver determine that a replacement wiper brush is already needed?

The wear rate of the wipers depends primarily on how often you travel by car. You must judge whether they are performing their task properly. It is not difficult - if they creak or leave strips on the glass, they can be replaced. Wiper manufacturers often impose wear indicators on them, but experts say they are not always reliable.

According to manufacturers, car brushes work best for about six months from the time of installation, after which the glass cleaning efficiency is reduced. For six months, wipers perform an average of half a million wiping cycles. This is how to wipe a surface the size of sixty football fields.

If the wiper blades are stratified, the rubber is cracked or hardened, do not pull with a replacement! Firstly, worn out brushes will not be able to remove water from the glass, and secondly, instead of removing dirt from the windshield, they will only erode it.

Bosch experts advise how to diagnose the condition of the wipers during their operation:

  • lack of strips on the glass - the condition of the wipers is perfect,
  • no more than three constantly appearing bands outside the central field of view - there is no urgent need to replace the wipers.

Bosch wiper blades

It is recommended that the wiper blade be replaced if:

  • one strip constantly appearing in the central field of view,
  • no more than four bands, constantly appearing out of sight or 12 spots, temporarily appearing on the entire wiped surface of the glass,
  • up to six permanent bands out of sight, a large number of fixed and time bands located in parallel.

Immediate brush replacement is required if:

  • areas of water remain on the windshield in any part of the wiper surface,
  • wide streaks of water remain that form at the height of the catches that hold the wiper,
  • wide streaks of water appear along the entire length of the wiper,
  • friction or scratches, vertical stripes.

The reasons why the "wipers" fail

There are several reasons why the wipers fail. Do not forget that even if you rarely use wipers, the soft rubber from which they are made is aging. Particularly quickly, destruction occurs when it is exposed to direct sunlight.

The reason for the accelerated wear of the wiper blades is usually their inclusion on dry glass.

It should be emphasized that the reason for the accelerated wear of the wiper blades is usually their inclusion on dry glass. It is even worse to use them in winter with an ice-covered windshield. It is like dragging glass on a concrete floor.

Types of fixtures "wipers"

For the installation of "wipers" use various types of fasteners. Therefore, before purchasing, ask how the brushes are mounted in your car. Let's get acquainted with the most common types:

  • "hook". The simplest type of mount, intended mainly for connecting the wiper frame. Indicated by the letters U or J. Most vehicles have such a connection. Its dimensions may vary. The most popular are 9x9x3 and 4,
  • "Side pin". This is another famous type of brush attachment, also known as S>

There are many different types of wiper mounts

  • Blokada pin - German development. It is used in Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Seat cars,
  • Claw or “Claw” - can also be called an exclusive type of mounting “wipers” to Seat Altea and Audi A6 cars,
  • Multi-Clip2. Due to a significant increase in the number of cars that have a special mount for the brush design, in 2009, Bosch began supplying Aerotwin wipers with the versatile Multi-Clip equipment. The wiper kit does not include self-assembly parts.

The last adapter is universal, it is already assembled on sale, so the wipers in the car can be replaced immediately. The Multi-Clip mount is designed to simplify the selection of wiper blades. Suitable for the most common four types of connectors: Side pin, Push button, Top lock and Pinch tab. It is not suitable for a hook connection.

Self-changing wiper blades

If the complete replacement of the wipers is a complex, painstaking process, and the joy of its implementation is best left to the hardworking workers of the workshop, then replacing the wiper blades will not take you much time and effort.

So, we will consider how to independently replace the wiper blades. To do this, you must:

  • To install the metal lever of the janitor strictly vertically in relation to a windshield. When dismantling, it is necessary to control its position, since the wiper arm is attached to the spring and may suddenly fall, damaging the glass.
  • Before removing the wiper blades, it is recommended to cover the glass with a cloth or cardboard for reliability and protection against unexpected damage.

  • By pressing on the clip, which connects the rubber brush to the metal strip, disconnect the old wiper.
  • In the process of dismantling, it is necessary to carefully ensure that the wiper arm is as far from the glass as possible.
  • Install a new part in place of the removed.
  • You need to press gently until a characteristic click appears.
  • Lower the levers of the wipers to a horizontal position.

Installing wiper blades is not the most difficult process. Each pair, as a rule, has an instruction manual, so you should not have any special difficulties. Dare, and good visibility to you!

General recommendations

In order to understand whether it is necessary to change the wiper blades, it is necessary to inspect them for damage. As a result of rubber aging, they lose their ductility and cannot perform their tasks well. If the work of the wipers on your car leads to the appearance of stains on the windshield, we advise you to think about buying new brushes and replacing them further.

It must be understood that replacing wipers means replacing only a small part of the wiper. Car wipers are made of three main elements:

  • lower arm that starts from the base of the windshield,
  • a metal holder that is connected to the lower arm,
  • a brush made of rubber.

It is the brush that wipes the windshield. This item belongs to consumables, so its replacement is performed quite often.

By the way, you can replace the gum wipers, and not the entire brush. Read more about this in our article for those who do not want to overpay -

Before removing the wiper blades, it is necessary to buy suitable replacement elements in advance. It is not difficult to do this - you just need to measure the dimensions of the previously installed brushes, using the tape measure. Another option is to remove the wipers and come with them to the car shop.

Remember that in most cases the dimensions of the right and left wipers are different.

As a rule, the cost of wiper blades is in the range of 200-700 rubles. Sometimes they can cost more, but this is true for the original product.

Wiper Brush Replacement Procedure

  1. We remove the lower lever from the windshield of the car. To do this, it must be lifted beyond the mounting location of this element to the wiper holder made of metal. It must be brought to a stable position. Note that a spring is used, so the lever must be lifted to the end. Otherwise, it may return to its original position, and in some cases, this may damage the windshield.
  2. Disconnect the wiper blade, which has already worked out its own. Pay attention to the junction where the brush blade connects to the holder. At this point is a plastic stopper that holds the blade. It is necessary to click on this plug and disconnect the brush (see photo below).
  3. In some cases, to replace the wipers, it is necessary to change the position of the special flags that hold the brush in place.
  4. Be sure to ensure that during the procedure for replacing the rubber bands on the wipers, the lower arm does not hit the windshield, since the consequences can be extremely sad. Sometimes it is better to use a towel to protect the glass, which will help to avoid unforeseen situations.
  5. Next, replace the wiper blades. They need to be inserted into the holder and carefully rotate the new rubber element so that the hook takes its place. Then the hook must be fixed and the entire janitor should be returned to the base position on the windshield.
  6. Repeat the same procedure with another wiper. Do not forget to check if you made a mistake when choosing the right and left sides.

For clarity, we also publish a video on how to remove wipers (wiper blades) and replace them easily and simply:

Why are car wipers needed?

Wiper blades have another popular name - “wipers”. With their help, the car driver has the ability to drive his vehicle in any weather. Replacing the wiper blades will be discussed below. Almost every driver faced problems with driving in rainy weather. Especially if a car is driving at a meeting at high speed, spraying your windows with dirt. In order to clearly see the road, scientists have developed automobile “wipers”.

Replacement indicator

To date, modern models of "wipers" are equipped with a special mark, which allows you to determine when you need to replace the wiper blades. Most often, such products have a special mark in the form of a square or a circle on the body of the model itself. Usually it is applied with a special paint, therefore, when installing such a cleaner, first remove the protective film from it.

As a result of exposure to ultraviolet radiation and bad weather conditions, the paint will change color, which will indicate the need to replace the janitor. However, such an indicator will not respond to mechanical damage and cleaning fluids.

Wiper blade signs of wear

Special signs will help you understand if you need to replace the wiper blades. Pay attention to such moments:

  • streaks and dirty stains appear on the glass during cleaning,
  • large untreated areas
  • the appearance of vertical and narrow stripes on the glass.

The replacement of the wiper blades is carried out independently quickly enough. At the same time, many car owners are afraid to break something, and even in vain. In fact, it is very simple to remove and replace the "wipers" yourself. You will need only a little free time and a minimum amount of knowledge and skills.

Replacing the wiper blades includes the dismantling of old products and the installation of new ones. A very important replacement rule is to buy a product model that is ideal for your car. After all, very often different "wipers" differ in length. Be sure to consider this option when buying.

Step-by-step replacement instructions

To replace the "wipers" you should do the following:

  • The lever is placed vertically, after which it is removed from the glass itself. Do it very carefully. After all, if he jumps out, that is, there is a risk of breaking the engine glass.
  • After the first step, open the plug by pulling the brush down. Do not forget to hold the holder very firmly during this step.
  • Now take a pre-cooked new product and put on the knitting needle while closing the plug itself. Try to align it as much as possible by pulling it down.

That's all, a new wiper blade is installed, so you can safely get behind the wheel of a car and not worry about poor visibility.

Replacing rear wiper blade

There are car models for which it is very important to install the rear “wipers” as well. This will help you quite successfully park backwards and taxi out of difficult and unpredictable situations. In this case, the replacement of the brushes will be slightly different from the instructions for replacing the front models. Here it’s more complicated, because all the cars are quite different, so the approach to them will also be different. But for convenience, consider the general instructions.

Replacing the rear window wiper blade has the following features:

  • On each back "janitor" there is a nut of fastening. Find a protective element above it and lift it up.

  • Now, using a 10-key, unscrew the nut very carefully. Turn the tool and pull it towards you. In fact, such a procedure is quite simple. And now you can safely remove the wiper itself.
  • Next, use a screwdriver to loosen the lock and replace the old device with a new one, as described in the previous case. When buying rear wiper blades, be sure to pay attention to the bend of the product itself, because the quality of the cleaning itself will depend on it in full.

How to shoot frameless wipers

Before removal of frame "janitors" carefully clear their fastenings. Only then can the device itself be dismantled. You will have to do the following:

  • carefully unscrew the mounting studs,
  • now stick out the brush body,
  • carefully remove the rubber plugs of the bolts,
  • unscrew the bolts themselves.

Pay particular attention to the process of loosening bolts. This should be done very carefully, because most often they are connected directly to the motor, which puts them in motion. If you accidentally damage this mechanism, then even the most high-quality and expensive models of "wipers" will be useless.

Installation of new frameless products

Replacing frameless wiper blades is a procedure that must be performed with extreme caution, so for the first time it is recommended to see how professionals will perform the replacement, and only then do it yourself. But still, if you decide to do it yourself, then follow these steps:

  • First, you will have to lay new rubber gaskets under the wiper base.
  • Now make the base nozzle of the pre-prepared new product on the tetrahedral pin.
  • Next, seal the connections with the washer that you removed when dismantling the previous “janitor”.
  • And at the end, screw the housing fixing bolt.

Итак, для чего нужна замена щеток стеклоочистителя? «Тойота» или любая другая модель автомобиля нуждаются в этой процедуре регулярно. Такие действия способны снизить риск дорожно-транспортных происшествий в плохую погоду. Experts recommend replacing it once a year or immediately after you notice that the wipers started to cope poorly with their duties.

Changing the wiper blades for the front and rear windows is very simple. In the first case, you only need to follow the general instructions. And in the second, take into account the individual characteristics of your “iron friend”. It will be a little more difficult to cope with frameless products, but there is nothing impossible. A little patience, effort and caution - and you will quickly cope with the task. Change the “wipers” regularly, and you can fully enjoy driving in any weather conditions.