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How to accelerate nail growth



Despite the availability of nail extension procedures, a trend toward “naturalness” has recently emerged among most women. Today, more and more women want their own beautiful, well-groomed and long nails. But, unfortunately, not every girl can boast of the beauty and rapid growth of natural nails.

But do not despair, just give your nails only a few minutes a day, and they will delight you with their attractive appearance. You will learn how to strengthen and accelerate the growth of nails without resorting to expensive salon procedures from our next beauty review from "Ideal Manicure".

How to speed up the process of nail growth

Scientists have found that the weekly "increase" in the nail plate in an average person ranges from 1 to 1.5 mm. And this means that for someone this process is proceeding more actively, while for someone it is slower. In addition, the following factors affect the “speed” qualities of nail growth:

  • Seasonality It has been established that in the light and warm season nails grow faster than in the autumn-winter period.
  • Floor. So the nails of women grow 20% faster than men.
  • Age. The most active growth of the nail plates goes up to 25 years, then the process of updating the nails begins to slow down.
  • Food. A rich full-fledged diet, filled with all the necessary trace elements and vitamins, favorably affects the “growth” properties of nails.
  • Water balance. Water activates the metabolic processes of the human body, causing cells to renew more intensively, including in the area of ​​the nail plates. Accordingly, an adequate drinking regimen favorably affects the growth rate of nails.

In addition to factors influencing the rate of growth of the nail plate, there are moments that not only slow down the renewal of the plates, but also reduce the already achieved "growth" due to the destruction and thinning of the nail. These include:

  • Natural abrasion of the nail plate. You will be surprised, but during the performance of daily household and household chores, and just in the process of familiar everyday life, the tips of the nails, albeit a little, but grind off, on the same principle as animals - from mechanical friction.
  • Thinning of the nail, its injury, breaking off, delamination, etc., leads to a decrease in the nail plate, and a significant one. Naturally, such troubles lead to the fact that we ourselves are forced to cut off the damaged tip, and with it all the other nails, so to speak “under one comb”.
  • Lack of proper care leads to brittle nails, which again entails the forced correction of all nails.

If the nails begin to exfoliate and break, it is better to cut them as short as possible. The weakened tips not only do not look aesthetically pleasing, but also “take” the nutrients from the still growing plate, as a result of which it will also weaken in the future. Remember that the only way to resuscitate is the area of ​​the nail that fits snugly on the nail bed. The overgrown tip is essentially dead and can only be maintained, but not treated.

Of course, we are not able to influence the season and age, but nature has already generously endowed women with accelerated nail growth, and compliance with the rules of a balanced diet and drinking regimen, as well as proper care, will help to quickly grow and maintain nails. On top of that, there are many simple homegrown methods on the arsenal of women that affect the acceleration of nail growth, the performance of which everyone can cope independently. About them and will be discussed below.

How to accelerate nail growth at home

In our review today, we specially leave aside salon procedures for strengthening and enhancing nail growth, and talk about homemade “grandmother's” recipes that are really capable of improving the condition of nails and exceeding the “standard standards” of nail plate regrowth, and at times.

The arsenal of how to accelerate the growth of nails at home is quite rich and diverse, and every woman can choose a remedy for her soul and ... for her nails. For the convenience of choice, we divided all the procedures that affect the growth of nails into groups according to their "specialization". We consider each of them in detail.

Baths for accelerated nail growth

The most popular and easiest to use tool for nail growth is the bath. They come in different types:

  • Water-based baths. The most effective. It was found that external contact with water stimulates the growth of nail plates. However, everything is good in moderation, and therefore for water baths there is a strict time limit - no more than 30 minutes. In addition, in addition to growth, strengthening is also important, and therefore water baths should be enriched with strengthening and nutritious components - sea salt, iodine solution, lemon juice, essential oils (the champions in the influence on the growth of nails are tea tree, citrus and rosemary oil).

  • Oil baths. They are somewhat inferior in their stimulating effect to water-based baths, but they perfectly nourish the nail plate and cuticle. In the future, nails fed with an oil "elixir" are more resistant to damage and, therefore, more "resilient". Oil baths involve the use of any vegetable or cosmetic oil. The most effective: olive, sea buckthorn, and almond oils. Such baths can additionally be enriched with lemon juice, liquid vitamins (for example, “Aevit”), iodine solution, etc. Oil baths are most effective in warm performance.
  • Gelatin baths. They “nourish” the nail plates with life-giving collagen, make them more plastic, and strengthen the internal structures of the nail. "Medicinal jelly" are made on the basis of gelatin in a jelly-like consistency. They are always used in a warm form, and require additional replenishment in the form of milk, honey, a decoction of medicinal herbs - flowers of chamomile, calendula, sage, etc.
  • In principle, baths based on medicinal decoctions - chamomile, oak bark, sage, etc. - and in the "independent" execution are a very effective tool. Such bathtubs will act as a good prophylactic against fungal diseases, and also help to nourish the nails with oxygen, which is especially important in the case of prolonged wearing of artificial nails or gel coat.

Masks for accelerating nail growth

Masks made from the most affordable ingredients will also help accelerate nail growth:

  • Food masks. These masks use egg yolks, which are rich in vitamins A, E, as well as such essential microelements for the nail matrix, as sulfur. Masks based on honey, butter and coconut oil have proven themselves perfectly. Such masks should be densely applied to the nails, and if possible, keep at least 30 minutes.

  • Toothpaste masks. The most common toothpaste, but preferably with calcium, will help strengthen the growth of the nail plate, as well as strengthen it. Better time for its use is evening, ideally, such a mask should be left all night and washed off in the morning.
  • Vitamin masks. Conventional Aevita capsules, liquid vitamin A and fish oil are a true elixir for nails and cuticles. Rub them daily into your nails and cuticle, and do not rinse off if possible.
  • Thermomasks. They suggest the impact on the nails and cuticles of a warm oil compress based on any vegetable or cosmetic oil. The cotton pads soaked in warm oil should be wrapped around your fingertips and put on plastic gloves over them. The whole structure should be “insulated” with gloves or mittens. The exposure time is not less than 30 minutes, but not more than an hour.

Masks for nails can even be done ... with painted nails. Naturally, in this case, the nutrient should not be applied to the painted plates, but to the cuticle and the already grown area of ​​the nail. Thus, you nourish the future nail with useful substances, and it, already subsequently, being painted, will be more durable and suffer less from “oxygen hunger”.

Physical effects as a means to accelerate nail growth

Uncomplicated manipulations such as:

  • Regular massage of the fingertips, cuticle area and side ridges stimulates the growth of the nail plate. It is enough to perform point manipulations 2-3 minutes a day and the result will not be long in coming. But remember that such a massage can not be performed on dry fingers! Pre-apply any vegetable and or cosmetic oil, special cuticle oil or regular hand cream to the nails and the skin around them and make a soft massage with your fingertips.

  • Gymnastics for the fingers. You will be surprised, but the usual tapping movements with fingertips on a hard surface stimulate nail growth. During the day, just do such manipulations for a few minutes, or just work on the keyboard. But it is important to strike with just the fingertips, while the nails should not be hit, otherwise you will get the exact opposite result.

Cosmetic and vitamin products

Do not forget about vitamins and special cosmetics, which you can take yourself at home.

  • Vitamins for nails. To date, many vitamin complexes and dietary supplements for nails have been developed. They help how to accelerate the growth of nails on the hands, and improve the condition of the skin and hair. Their price range is different, but this does not mean that the most effective drugs will be the most effective. Do not chase a promoted brand, first read user reviews. It often happens that the most “modest” drugs have a greater effect than complexes from famous brands. Well, and choose those products, which include sulfur - the main building material of the nail plate.

  • Varnishes for nail growth. In pharmacies, you can find many therapeutic varnishes that help strengthen the nail plate and enhance its growth. In addition, such varnishes make the appearance of the nail more attractive and do not deprive it of life-giving oxygen, unlike its cosmetic “brothers”. Their price range also varies significantly, but before deciding on a choice, again do not be lazy to get acquainted with user reviews.
  • Cream for nails and cuticles. Pretty easy to use tool. As a rule, even a regular hand cream helps moisturize and strengthen the nail plate and cuticle. Special creams, enriched with additional substances, will also help accelerate the process of nail growth.
  • Cuticle oil. Such a common and simple tool helps nourish the cuticle and nails. Just this procedure needs to be done daily, and not just in the nail salon. Buy yourself a small bottle of oil and rub it into your fingertips with a thin layer. It will be preferable to those products that contain argan oil, it is believed that it has a stimulating effect on the growth of nails.

Here are some simple ways to speed up nail growth, which every woman can cope on her own at home, and the result will be no worse than from salon procedures. In conclusion, we note that the best effect will be achieved if two important conditions are met - regularity and an integrated approach. In other words, nail care should be carried out constantly, and not from time to time, and the effect will be much more significant if several methods of healing nail plates are used at once.

Nail structure and growth point

Nails are an appendage of the skin, keratinized plates located at the ends of the fingers. Nail plates lie on the nail bed, surrounded by a skin fold on three sides, the fourth side is called the “free edge”.
The skin fold is two lateral ridges and the lower is proximal.
The nail grows from a root called the matrix. This is the most valuable part, hidden under the proximal roller. New cells formed by him -onychoblasts move forward, displacing previously formed cells. So the nail crawls on the bed, grows, the free edge lengthens.

The aesthetic beauty of long nails

Neat long nails - This is primarily aesthetically beautiful. Short nails are more relevant for the strong half of humanity, while girls should stand out long nails.

Beautiful long nails are relevant and necessary for girls of such professions, for example, as a consultant in a jewelry salon, models and fashion models, and masters of beauty salons.

When working in such areas, beautiful long nails with the perfect manicure are essential.

Physiotherapy - finger massage

Indirectly accelerate nail growth will help massage the hands, fingers in particular. Stimulation of blood circulation and a local slight increase in temperature in the tissues of the fingers from friction will improve the nutrition of the root of the nail. If you do massage regularly, it will completely improve the condition of the nail. Also, hand massage is a good prevention of arthritis of small joints of the fingers. Massage effect as a bonus is obtained during the procedure of sealing and polishing nails with wax.

Prevention for fast nail growth

In order not to encounter such a problem as short nails, it is necessary to follow a number of simple recommendations.
1. Proper nutrition. What we eat is the basis of the state of our entire body. This also applies to nail growth. A prerequisite for the acquisition and maintenance of their ideal condition, you must include in your diet foods rich in protein, calcium, iron and zinc. These elements are actively involved in the synthesis of keratin, on which the state and growth of nails are based.

2. The intake of vitamins. The main vitamins for nails - A and E. It is possible to provide the body with their necessary content thanks to the drug Aevit.

3. Protection. When cleaning the apartment and washing dishes, wear protective gloves on your hands. This will protect the delicate skin of the hands and structure of the nails from the harmful effects of chemical components.

4. Home use of creams, masks and infusions. Homemade recipes that are easy to prepare will nourish your nails, make them long, beautiful and strong.

5. Proper nail care. Proper care and correction of nails contribute to their active growth.

Proper nail care consists in following a number of rules:

apply exclusively for manicure quality tools
Before starting the procedure for correcting nails, tools are sanitize
you need to cut the nails slowly, carefully, in small steps, from the edge to the center of the nail,
adjust the length of the nails is recommended no less than once every 10 days,
nail files use gentle, try Avoid metal-based files
After carrying out the home manicure procedure, treat the cuticle and the surface of the nail with a special nourishing cream.

Careful care of your nails, the use of various techniques, will strengthen the nails, make them beautiful, long and strong.