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How to find customers 33 places to advertise


The choice of methodology for finding clients via the Internet depends on the type of your activity. This can be sending out commercial offers, promoting your own website, personal communication with the target audience or advertising events. In addition, there are special professional rating sites and catalogs that allow you to find your consumer and build a decent reputation, which you can refer to in the future.

Email Rules

From an efficiency standpoint, attracting customers by sending letters is suitable for B2B (when another company is your client) and online stores, provided that the recipient of the sales letter is already your buyer. In all other cases, this method causes distrust and is associated with spam (aggressive advertising message).

If your company is focused on the business sector, customer search is carried out by the following method:

  • Drawing up a database of contact data of potential customers by searching the network. You can use ready-made directories or search manually for key queries.
  • Preparation of a commercial proposal. It should include a text message (written in such a way that it would be desirable to read it to the end), as well as information about the proposed product and approximate conditions for cooperation.
  • Sending letter. If possible, it should be accompanied by a phone call with a proposal for cooperation and a notification of sending a commercial letter. An important point is the choice of subject for E-mail, which will determine the likelihood of reading it.

Ads and coupons in newspapers and feature magazines

Do you sell consumer goods and your customers are individuals? Then this type of advertising will serve you well. Many people will see your advertisement or coupon in the newspaper due to the large circulation, and publication in a thematic magazine is a great way to reach your target audience more targetedly.

Coupons in newspapers and magazines can be with bonuses, gifts or discounts. A coupon is a good incentive to buy from you right now without delay. In the construction of wooden houses and saunas made of timber, a free newspaper thrown into the mailbox with advertising of typical house designs brings a good stream of new customers to your office and a lot of warm calls to your advertising phones.

Promotional articles in feature magazines (paper and online)

They work well in attracting new customers if you sell expensive goods or services. Traders in trucks and power equipment know that there will be significantly more sales if there is an advertisement in the thematic magazine with a photo of the truck and the call "call now, the offer is before the end of the week." An article in a thematic publication with your story about how the problem of a particular client was solved will surely attract the attention of your target audience. After all, they have such problems and needs. This works in the search for clients for companies selling tours and cargo companies, in sales of construction expertise and trade in fire certificates, for lawyers, accountants, in advertising commercial equipment and notary services.

Radio Advertising

Advertising on the radio - will help you reach those of your customers who are driving.

Make a short video and mention in it at least three times the name of your company and your contact information so that the buyer can remember you and know where to call or which site he should go to. Works great for sellers of hunting rifles, dentistry, contributes to faster rental of commercial real estate.

Telephone and subject directories (electronic)

There are many electronic directories, 2GIS is the most popular of such directories of organizations, and in our experience in finding contact information for new corporate clients, most small and medium-sized businesses use it.

In order to find the answer to the question how to find customers sales manager in your region on the basis of 2GIS, make a selection for a specific city and get access to contact information of legal entities of interest to you. 2GIS for users, the reference book is absolutely free, and selecting a specific region with uploading a customer base to an exel table will cost you money, but this amount will be insignificant, find out how much send us a request.

An electronic directory Yellow Pages will be useful for those businessmen who want to establish contact with their potential clients - private traders.

Flyers are the most affordable option to attract customers to your store.

They can even be printed on a regular printer and standard white paper, but it’s better to do it in a print shop. If your budget for attracting customers is very limited, just buy colored paper, print a beautiful picture on it, a call to action and limited action, this is all you need to lure a new customer into your store.

For example, in one of the cities, the manager of a fast-food diner in order to attract customers for breakfast in the "dead hours" in the morning simply exposes an employee in the morning in front of the entrance with such improvised flyers printed on plain paper. The flyer says, "Get a large portion of the new milkshake for free, just use this flyer today until 10am." Of the 50 flyers handed out, 30 went to a cafe, of which 20, in addition to a free cocktail, spent money on breakfast. The price of a flyer is 10 kopecks, the cost of a cocktail is 10 rubles, the average check for breakfast is 90 rubles. In addition, the cafe is filled with visitors who attract new customers like a magnet to the cafe.

You do not have to buy a booth and spend large budgets as a participant in an industry exhibition to find customers.

You can come as an ordinary visitor and start building bridges with the people you need for free, having a simple visitor badge.

And if you hire some pretty girls who will hand out your materials and collect contacts for potential customers for you, this way of attracting you will give more customers and will cost much cheaper than renting a stand. In order to get new contacts of potential buyers in this way, you must clearly instruct the promoters before your partisan trip to someone else's exhibition.


A very good way, without spending money on advertising, to find new orders for the construction and repair, accounting support, installation of plastic windows. The method of recommendations for finding new customers and new orders works great for almost all types of business, where the customer carefully looks at the quality, timing, level of service and reviews of other customers before buying. To be recommended, ask your clients about it and do not forget to thank those who have provided you such a service.

Partnership with related businesses

Here are some criteria for finding a partner:

Identify related businesses that provide services to your potential customer or sell products.

Choose those with which you are not direct competitors.

You are comparable in size to your potential partner, partners (like you are more accommodating). Of course, I would like to see Sberbank or Norilsk Nickel among my partners right away, and most likely it will be so in the future, well, now choose a little smaller goals.

Your potential partner has a good reputation in his business field. Look at the reviews that they write about him, for example, on the Internet.

Commercial offer

Every day your managers send commercial offers to your existing and new customers, the same, standard commercial offers. In them, managers try to give comprehensive information about your company, the advantages of working with you, the exact cost and delivery time.

Usually the response to such offers is very small and most of them are immediately sent to the basket.

The sales offer is short and contains a hook that catches the client, this is a way to seize his interest, so that he agrees to meet with you. Paper sells much worse than a living person, so in a commercial offer, sell not a product, but a meeting, then at the meeting you will have every chance to sell your product. How to find customers for cargo transportation and how to find them in the search for orders for the printing house will help you sell a commercial offer.

If you use a commercial offer in your sales, then adjust it so that it contains the customer’s benefit, your TSS and the offer of the next step, and not a specification with a table of 100 cells with the figure TOTAL million rubles.

Where to advertise for free - digital spam

Emailing a database of potential customers is an almost free way to give advertising and an affordable way to find customers by informing them about themselves and their products and services.

It works for both private buyers and legal entities for corporate clients. Use one of the modern email marketing services, track the statistics of your website and count incoming calls, then you can track the conversion, that is, which part of your spam emails reached the addressee and the client performed the desired action.

The vast majority of ready-made databases that are now available on the market are already outdated and irrelevant, so it’s better to buy a client database from a trusted source or collect such a database yourself.

Paper mailing list

Choose 100 of the best potential customers. Compose a sales letter with your USP (unique selling proposition), print it on the company letterhead and send it by DHL courier to the head of the company “in person”. This method will allow you to bypass most of the obstacles that stand in the way of your email distribution, provided that you do not send a letter by an ordinary courier, but use the status courier service DHL or FedEx. Each such envelope, taking into account delivery, will cost you no more than 500 rubles. It is up to you whether it is expensive or not, the conversion from such advertising reaches up to 23%.

Where to advertise on the Internet - advertisements in Yandex Direct and Google AdWords

If you have a question where to advertise on the Internet, the answer is advertisements in Yandex and Google give you a stream of new customers right away. These are fast customers and fast sales.

Why contextual advertising on the Internet are fast customers: you don’t have to spend several months waiting and a lot of money for SEO to promote your site so that it finally appears on the first page in search engines and your customers notice you. You simply open Yandex.Direct, compose an ad, replenish your account and you are immediately seen by all your customers who are looking for the desired service or product.

Why are advertising in Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords so fast selling?

They click on the advertisement and therefore are ready for you to sell them something, in most cases they no longer need to be persuaded to "buy or not to buy", your task is to persuade them to "buy from you."

Your task when attracting traffic of potential buyers through advertisements of search engines is to write an attractive advertisement to be clicked on and bring the buyer to that page of your site where it will be exactly what the client is willing to pay money for.

How to find customers through word of mouth

Word of mouth will definitely work under two conditions: when a customer buys from you, you are satisfied, and you put a colorful story into his mouth that he can tell others.

In order for word of mouth to work, you need to put a story in your client’s mouth, telling him that he will receive interest and approval from his friends and colleagues.

The story should be unusual, interesting, exciting, then it will be passed from mouth to mouth.

Think about the motivation of the person who retells an interesting film or tells a joke? Tell him a story that he would like to tell others. How to tell such stories we teach at a special training Selling stories.

Here are some more ways to find customers, they are simple and do not need comments:

  • Glass Advertising
  • Advertising on transport and in transport itself
  • Printing: Business cards, booklets, calendars, leaflets, catalogs, company presentation on paper (marketing kit)
  • The site of the company
  • How to find customers with a cold call script call
  • Advertising calls: receiving incoming calls and advertising requests increased conversion
  • Billboards
  • Flyers on information stands in residential buildings
  • Residential Advertising
  • Streamers
  • Internet bulletin boards
  • Avito: advertisements on Avito
  • Search for clients in industry forums
  • Subcontracting with other companies
  • Screen advertising
  • Distribution of leaflets through promoters
  • Hangers on the door handles of apartments
  • Financially motivated employees with a potential client
  • Promotion of goods and services through bloggers on social networks and on YouTube
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Author: Stanislav Aleksandrovich

Search for customers on the Internet using their own sites

The site itself is your advertisement, but even being in the first lines of search results, it can be unprofitable. If you want to find new customers while maintaining your own site (regardless of format), you need to pay most attention to its conversion. It determines the ratio of the number of visitors who have become your customers to the total number of users.

Simply posting useful information to translate your readers into consumers is not enough. The visitor must understand that here he can buy a product or order a service. The following methods are used to increase conversion:

  • Placing a unique offer on the first lines of the page (promotional code, discounted goods, gift, bonus), which is difficult for the visitor to resist.
  • Improving the quality of the content and incorporating a call to action (purchase, phone call, trip to your store).

Landing pages have a high conversion, which not only search for new customers, but also allow you to explore the target audience. Such micro-sites are advertisements for a product or service with the possibility of quick ordering and active motivation for action. For example, a sale with a limited quantity of goods is initiated. In this case, the landing page can act as a means of making a direct purchase or reservation with the option of buying out an offline store.

To attract visitors to the landing pages, you can use teaser and contextual advertising from Yandex Direct and Google AdWords, link distribution on social networks, by subscription, in electronic mailing.

Personal Communication and Charity

Personal communication will be an effective method if your activity has time and capacity limitations (cosmetic services, individual sewing of clothes). The minimum base and word of mouth will provide the necessary number of orders. To attract customers from scratch, the principles of personal communication and charity will help. How and where to find customers in this way in practice:

  • Registration of profiles on forums (urban, for women or parents) and on social networks.
  • Friendly communication with potential customers through useful tips, comments, questions, without using advertising of their services. Formation of a database of virtual friends.
  • Presentation of own services in the format of professional comments (tips on style issues), interesting stories (cases with clients where you have corrected a difficult situation), a survey of opinions regarding your work (using photos of works or links to personal pages asking to evaluate the result).
  • Offer to receive a free service (search for models, a charity gift), product presentation (baking, preservation) at an offline virtual community meeting.

Photo reports and personal positive impressions about clients are published about all charity events or gifts.

Professional Community Sites

An effective method of finding clients on the Internet for the implementation of activities in the field of consulting services (lawyers, doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, astrologers and esotericists), as well as for specialists working with electronic products (software, copywriting, graphic image design) - these are professional sites and freelance exchanges.

Professionals sites are an already promoted platform where you can register as a specialist. Далее, путем предоставления небольших бесплатных консультаций или ответов на разные вопросы граждан, вы сможете привлечь клиентов для долгосрочного и более развернутого сотрудничества.A rating formed over time will allow you to receive more orders and establish a higher cost of services. When working on such sites, you need a quick reaction to new questions from visitors, as well as a responsible approach to rating formation.

On freelance exchanges, you can search for valid orders or offer services in exchange for a rating (for a nominal fee). Next, we are building up the base of regular customers.

Announcements and catalogs of enterprises

The easiest way to look for customers is to advertise on free boards. This method is suitable for any type of activity, but is most effective for offline services (repair, construction, tutoring). At the same time, in order to increase the number of responses, it is necessary to perform a “mass run of announcements on the boards”.

Perform it manually (more efficiently) or using special programs (Smart Poster, Pantera, Submit Wolf Pro). You can do it yourself or hire a specialist (this is not very expensive). Ads should be updated daily.

A convenient tool for attracting customers for manufacturing and trading enterprises (wholesale, large-sized or specialized equipment, building materials) is registration in popular online catalogs. It is performed one-time for each base. Such sites have the ability to publish reviews of companies that you can effectively use to increase your ranking.

Geo-referencing also helps to find your client on the network (geo-targeting for posts on social networks, using Google maps, Yandex maps, Wikimapia). So, for example, registering in the My Business project from Google with a map link will allow users from your region to see extended company data in the first lines of the search.

On the practical side, finding customers over the Internet is not difficult. The main thing is to highlight and study your target audience and to responsibly approach the work. After all, advertising on the Internet works very quickly, and negative reviews of dissatisfied customers also spread quickly.

Potential customer portrait

Before proceeding with the search for customers, it is necessary to make a portrait of partners interesting for business. Assess the most promising sectors, identify market leaders by region and country, study the market situation, identify weaknesses. This preparatory work helps answer the following questions:

  • Who are the customers?
  • Where to find customers for a sales manager geographically?
  • What is the situation in the industry as a whole?
  • What interests the client?
  • How does he today solve those problems whose solutions are proposed to be proposed?
  • Which companies are competing suppliers?

Having collected all the necessary information, you can make a portrait of a potential customer who needs or may be interested in a product / service that a sales manager represents in the market.

After the portrait of the customer is determined, you can proceed directly to the search for the answer to the question of how to look for customers to the sales manager.

Customers Similar to Existing

The simplest method to understand how to look for potential customers for a sales manager is to review the existing customer base, study the history of interaction and successful sales, the volume and characteristics of the offer. Based on these data, you can find companies that are similar in industry, volume and potential procurement, and get in touch with the proposal based on successful experience of the projects. This makes it possible to conclude quick transactions and increase customer base.

Visiting exhibitions and thematic events

An effective way to find customers is to visit industry exhibitions and thematic events. How to look for clients the sales manager at exhibitions and public events? The goal may be to get to know the company, establish personal contact with employees of the organization of interest, and arrange an in-person meeting. It is very important to analyze the information received and work out possible “warm” contacts as soon as possible, in hot pursuit. A letter should be written to reinforce the acquaintance. In the letter, it is worth recalling the place of communication, perhaps citing the words of the interlocutor, clarifying intentions to continue dating and emphasizing the possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Visiting themed events is a good opportunity for networking. Getting to know the right people, building communication, exchanging opinions is the way to a sale. Here, the ability to make the right impression, be open to dialogue and demonstrate an expert position in the topics that the sales manager represents is useful. Avoid sales "in the forehead", obsession and manifestations of need. Self-esteem, coupled with the ability to communicate and good product knowledge is the key to successful commercial communication. It is important to sincerely be interested in the state of affairs of new acquaintances, to identify or form needs, to ask the right questions.

Cold calls

A proven way to find new customers is to make cold calls to companies of interest that fit the description of a client’s portrait.

How to look for customers a sales manager using cold calls? The cold call algorithm may look like this:

  • find a person who decides on the right issue,
  • get through
  • clarify information, ask questions, get the necessary data,
  • to sell the opportunity and the idea of ​​cooperation,
  • make an appointment
  • prepare a preliminary commercial proposal based on the data obtained during a telephone conversation.

Many companies have implemented consistent phone sales scripts. If the rules of the company allow, then it is necessary to give the calls the right emotional tone, placing the interlocutors for communication and partnership.

In work on cold calls, such qualities as punctuality, the ability to hear the interlocutor, and ask questions are important. It is necessary to clearly understand the purpose of the call: getting to know, making an appointment, sending preliminary information by fax or e-mail.

The conversion of cold calls depends on the ability to overcome barriers, work with customer objections and speak the language of benefit. Competent speech, a pleasant voice, and a convenient pace of communication for the interlocutor will help to build a dialogue and find a new client.

Social networks

Using social networks to search for clients is by far one of the most effective and reliable ways to find clients on the Internet. Depending on the specifics of the business and the target audience, a social network is selected. Consider the target audience on the example of the Facebook network. The audience is young people (18-24) and the middle age group (24-45 +), aimed at establishing business contacts and searching for information for self-development.

Here, most often it is possible to make acquaintance with new customers. To find people of interest makes it possible to advanced search. Facilitates the task of the fact that people indicate the place of work.

Many large companies create official pages where you can get acquainted with the specifics of the company, employees, problems and news. Social networks - a source of information for analysis, finding the right people and establishing communications for further sales in an interesting segment for business.

Forums and bulletin boards

Studying and actively participating in specialized online forums helps to analyze the work of competitors and make really important advantages for clients in their unique commercial offer. As a rule, on such resources, customers and suppliers share industry news, opinions about products and services, and discuss pressing issues. In addition to new acquaintances and necessary contacts, here you can actively promote your company, taking into account reviews of other suppliers, emphasizing the profitability of your offer and product / service.

Bulletin boards in the Internet space are paid and free. They vary in territorial coverage and industry direction. By creating a small sales offer with contact details, you can provide passive lead generation without attracting additional funds. The sales manager can indicate your contact phone number and receive requests directly, ensuring the implementation of the plan.