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How to grow sea monkeys yourself


This is an exciting experience for people of any age. They are very quiet and small. That is why sea monkeys are excellent first pets for children. They reach a size of 1 centimeter, and they need to be fed only once a week. In other words, they are just GREAT! Moreover, it has been proven that sea monkeys significantly reduce stress in most people. Want to see for yourself? Then buy the kit and follow the instructions in the instructions.

What are these creatures

Sea monkeys are translucent crustaceans that look like ordinary shrimps. Adult representatives grow up to 5 mm. Kids are 1 mm, their life is convenient to watch through a magnifying glass.

These individuals are nimble, constantly swim and sometimes collide with each other for the purpose of further reproduction. Despite the fact that the monkeys are peaceful, fights still happen when several males cannot share the female. The average lifespan of crustaceans is about two years.

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Home breeding walkthrough

The sea monkey exists well in the aquarium, care does not take much time and effort. Embryos are sold in sets at pet stores or on the Internet, packaged in boxes. Such storage is permissible, since the eggs of these creatures remain viable for several years. Each set contains a bag of eggs, dry food, powder for water purification and detailed instructions.

Even a child can cope with the breeding of crustaceans. It is enough to adhere to the following algorithm:

    Choose a container of at least two liters. Wipe, pour clean water. You can take boiled, filtered or special water for aquariums. If a kit contains a cleaner, use it.

Just mix the contents of the bag with 2 liters of water

  • Open a bag of monkeys and use the wand supplied with the kit to move the eggs into the water. Mix gently without damaging the germ. If you experience difficulties due to the small size of the organisms, it is recommended to use a magnifying glass.
  • For normal growth and development of crustaceans, a sufficient amount of oxygen is required. To provide babies with fresh air, daily "airing" is carried out. Take a container of the same volume as the aquarium (as many as possible), and make five transfusions from one container to another.

    Only 24 hours later, fry hatch

  • From eggs, crustaceans are born in a day. After the babies have hatched, five days later they are given food. The same feeding interval is maintained in the future. A serving is one teaspoon of feed. Exceeding the norm threatens clouding of the water and a deterioration in the well-being of the inhabitants. A small amount of algae is allowed in the container, which the monkeys actively swallow.
  • The aquarium is installed in a dark place, away from direct sunlight. Adult monkeys like to play with crystals purchased at the pet store. For kids, this kind of activity is dangerous, as it can get stuck and suffocate.
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    The influence of sea monkeys on sea currents

    Monkey monkeys are popular not only among breeders, they are also of interest to scientists. The vital activity of these crustaceans is not much different from the behavior of other species of zooplankton. Monkeys also avoid sunlight, because of which they sink to the bottom of the sea during the day and rise at night.

    The peculiarity of the creatures described is in mass migration. The movement of a group of crustaceans up and down provokes strong currents, while individual individuals are not able to have a noticeable effect on the course.

    Such circulation of sea or ocean waters is similar in power to the wind or tides.

    Based on observations and laboratory studies, scientists concluded that the role of marine monkeys in the ecosystem. Moving, flocks of crustaceans distribute various substances (salts, nutrients), contribute to the mixing of layers of ocean water, transfer heat.

    Despite the fact that sea monkeys are just plankton, they have a significant impact on the habitat and the creatures living in it. Monkeys get along well in aquariums, do not require complicated care. The crustaceans are brought in to “delight the eye,” and they do an excellent job of this.

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    Description and natural habitat

    Adult monkeys grow from 0.5 to 1.5 cm, have three eyes and eleven pairs of legs. Outwardly, they look like shrimp. Translucent body with eye-catching orange edges. Hemoglobin is present in the blood of marine inhabitants.

    Males possess two pairs of reproductive organs, one of which is the antennae. With their help, they capture the female during mating and take a position from the back. In this position, the steam can swim for a long time.

    Photo Gallery of Sea Monkeys:

    After mating, the female lays eggs with thin or thick walls. Up to 200 larvae can be in one egg bag. In the first case, nauplii hatch immediately, in the second only when they are in the water. This type of egg appears if the pond is dried. Larvae in size do not exceed 0.5 mm, have only one eye. They are drawn to light, in contrast to adults who avoid it. Later, a couple more eyes develop in babies.

    The life span of Sea Monkeys is two years.

    In nature, they live in salt ponds located in resort areas. At the same time, the concentration of salts can reach up to 50% and higher. In fresh water, crustaceans will not survive. They feed on seaweed. They participate in the creation of therapeutic muds, can change the direction of the water flow during the period of mass migration: at night they rise to the upper layer, in the afternoon they sink to the depth, thereby moving salt deposits, useful substances in water.

    Growing instruction

    You can buy Sea Monkeys at the pet store in the Toys department or on the Internet. They are sold in sets. To preserve the cubs and create comfortable conditions for them, careful preparation is required.

    The first step is to wash the tank where the eggs will be placed. In this case, do not use various detergents. Use scrubber or vinegar for cleaning. Fill the container with clean drinking or distilled water.

    Next, fall asleep cleaner, which comes in the kit and wait a day. The aquarium is cleaned in a cool dry place. Launch the eggs and with great care interfere with the plastic stick that comes with the kit.

    In order not to damage them, use a magnifying glass or a magnifier.

    After that, water begins to be transferred to a previously prepared container and back into the tank at least 4-5 times. This will enrich it with oxygen, which is necessary for monkeys in the early days.

    Crustaceans are fed only on the 5th day of life, then once a week. The portion is increased weekly. Food is chosen for growth, for feeding use the small tip of a measuring spoon.

    Content Tips

    In order for monkeys to feel comfortable in the process of growing and caring, grow and multiply, adhere to a few simple rules.

    • Do not put the tank in a place where direct sunlight falls on it. This can not only cause the growth of algae, but also destroy the marine inhabitants. For lighting, phytolamps for plants are used. Greens serve for Artemia salina crustaceans as food, but it reduces the level of oxygen, so it is removed.
    • Larvae appear during the day, if this did not happen, then the water temperature is too low.
    • If the moisture in the container has evaporated by 5 cm, to replenish it, pour water into a separate bowl and stand for a day. Then added to the tank.
    • A compressor is used to saturate the medium with oxygen. Its absence will replace a regular syringe.

    Fashionable toy - living things

    Sea-monkeys kits can be purchased at the pet store or online site (for example, Ozon, AliExpress and others), where the buyer will find product reviews. It consists of:

    • aquarium,
    • 3 bags (cleaner, eggs, feed),
    • scoop.

    Sachets with the contents are numbered 1, 2 and 3, so that the buyer can understand and complete all the steps in accordance with the instructions.

    In total there are 4 sets with different types of containers (the price is indicated in rubles):

    • regular, 1000,
    • backlit, 1500-1700,
    • with aliens, 2000,
    • with a lock, 2500-2700.

    Kits are designed for children from 6 years old, have many advantages:

    • don't take up much space
    • become full-fledged pets
    • teach kids responsibility
    • there are no difficulties in leaving, all materials are included,
    • during the development of larvae, children observe and study biological processes.

    It is necessary to explain to the child when buying that Artemia Salina is the living inhabitants of the seas, not a toy, and every day they will have to take care of them.