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A cozy atmosphere at home: how to create it


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Parents cannot fully control the development process of their children and ensure that, having matured, they will become healthy, prosperous and responsible members of society. But it is the parents who are able to have a beneficial effect on their children. What will your children do when they grow up, they will decide for themselves, but you can at home lay the foundation for their healthy and functional development both physically and intellectually, morally and emotionally. To do this, you need to set a positive example at home in everything related to exercise and sleep, maintaining constructive relationships within the family, and laying the foundation for discipline.

How to create a positive atmosphere and home comfort: 9 simple ideas

Any person is pleased to have a house in which they want to return with pleasure every day. It must be a cozy place filled with a positive atmosphere. How to make your house just like that?

The feeling of coziness and comfort favorably affects the state of health and mood of a person. It is in such an environment that we can truly relax, recharge with the necessary energy and have a good rest. For this reason, many psychologists and designers advise carefully think through the interior and layout of the house, pay attention to details and trifles. They highlight the following essential features of home comfort.

Nice smell

It is unpleasant to return to the house, where it smells of burnt food or sharp perfumes. Such smells are not associated with comfort and relaxation. Psychologists say that pleasant aromas in the house contribute to the production of hormones of happiness, which means that they directly affect our mood and positive mood. The most cozy smells are: the aroma of freshly baked pastries and delicious food, vanilla or oranges, fresh flowers.


Perhaps the most popular way to make a home cozy is to have a pet. The most popular pets are cats, the pleasant purring of which can bring a sense of security and comfort to any home. Now, many also have unusual pets - rats, guinea pigs, or even snakes. People who suffer from allergies to wool often buy aquariums with beautiful fish - watching them calms and helps get rid of stress.

Soft plaids and pillows

Many people who return home love to fall on a bed or sofa to lie down a bit and regain their strength. A person with such a habit will be especially pleased with a spacious armchair or sofa with soft pillows and a plaid. Rest surrounded by pillows and rugs will bring pleasant emotions and allow you to restore energy, and the house will become for a person a place where he wants to return again and again.

Tasty food

We come home in order to restore our strength and eat. We are pleased to go into the house and feel the aroma of delicious food there or cook our favorite dish on our own and watch their joyful reaction. It is difficult to imagine a cozy house without a delicious dinner, because then it will not be so cozy, and the household will not rush home with such trepidation.

Muffled light

One of the prerequisites for a cozy home atmosphere is the dim light. Experts in the field of psychology emphasize that it is precisely this type of lighting that places people in trustful and sincere communication, frankness and openness. The best solution is a beautiful floor lamp that will fill the room with warm light tones. You can also choose a sconce if the floor lamp lighting seems too dim to you.

Friendly communication with loved ones

The positive atmosphere in the house primarily depends on the mood of family members, the style of their communication with each other. It is difficult to call a cozy house where spouses constantly swear or argue, children blame parents for their problems. To improve relations with households, you can start small - to meet them with a smile when they return, ask how they are doing, invite them to drink tea together while watching a TV show.

Light mess

A clean, licked house is rarely associated with comfort in our home because it makes us feel that everything should be done here only according to certain rules. In such a place it is difficult to relax your body and soul. Psychologists advise creating at home an atmosphere of light negligence, a beautiful mess, when the book can be left on the table and pillows are randomly scattered on the sofa.

Convenient place for family watching movies

At home, it is important to have a place where the whole family could get together, chat, discuss some important issue or just watch an interesting film. Such a joint activity brings together, contributes to the emergence of new common topics for discussion. In a close-knit family, people will be very enthusiastic about sharing their problems and experiences, and will also often be in a good mood.

Photos of loved ones

Beautiful decor, upholstered furniture and good lighting - all this is important to create a cozy atmosphere in the house, but they do not guarantee a positive mood. Many psychologists note the importance of using pictures and photographs of loved ones and loved ones in the interior. They allow us to feel that the main thing is not the external decoration of the house, but its inhabitants and their love for each other.

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How to improve the atmosphere in the house

Probably, one should not say that quarrels and scandals do not improve the atmosphere, but worsen it very much, creating negatively charged egregors (clots of energy), which then simply do not allow you to breathe and relax. They crush, overhang and provoke people to new scandals. Therefore, take care of your home and try to fill it only with love. Keep your family relationships clean, and if you live alone, keep an eye on your own development.

A cozy atmosphere at home - at your fingertips

Now let's talk about more practical things that help create a good atmosphere in the house:

1. Set the following rule in your house: "For every thing in the house there is an OWN place, so everything needs to be put in place." This means that if you took something - then put it in place, opened something - close it, drop something - lift it, remove something - hang it in place.

2. Take care not only of cleanliness and order (probably you should not say that cleanliness in the house must be observed constantly), but also of bright space and a lot of air. To do this, regularly ventilate the room and take care of bright lighting, so that your house is always bright.

3. Do not pile your house with unnecessary things, excess furniture, endless figurines and decorations. Also get rid of things or gifts that are unpleasant for you people. You can put pictures of dear and beloved people on the walls.

4. Right now, go around the house and eliminate all the imperfections, and if you have a lot of them, then find at least ten things that need to be corrected or repaired (fasten the socket, glue the wallpaper, replace the light bulb, correct the curtains that have flown from the eyelets, and so on).

5 . Review your library, if you have one. Books are powerful carriers of information and energy. Leave prominently your favorite books that bring you joy and pleasure, remove the rest.

6. It is advisable that the materials of your furniture are natural, soft, pleasant to the touch, with warm shades. Once a year, it is useful to rearrange furniture to renew and create positive energy. Make sure that there are plants in your house (for example, the amazing flower “female happiness”), as their leaves absorb negative energy.

7. Pay attention to the sounds, listen to music that can improve the energy of your home. Do not forget about smells. Use aroma lamps, aroma candles, never smoke in your home and forbid others to do it. And, of course, there is nothing more comfortable than the smell of delicious food. So indulge your home with delicious dishes.

I hope you understand that the cozy atmosphere of the house is in your hands. After all, only a woman can make a cozy nest, and, conversely, only she can turn a house into a gray, dull barn. In a cozy house, life becomes brighter, better and happier! Therefore, look around right now and think about what you can do to improve the atmosphere in your home.

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