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Embroidery on shoes


  • Words are hyphenated:
  • You cannot leave and transfer one letter:
  • The letters S, B, B, Y do not break away from the previous letters:
  • In words with several different consonants in a row (at the root or at the junction of the root and the suffix) there can be several transfer options:
    se-stra, ses-tra, sister
  • Words with prefixes can be carried over with the following options:
    to teach, to teach and to teach
    if the letter Y comes after the prefix, then it does not break away from the consonant:
  • Transfer should be without breaking the morphemes (prefix, root and suffix):
  • Two consecutive identical letters are broken by hyphenation:
    ton-on, van-on
  • Abbreviations (USSR), abbreviations of measures on numbers (17 kg), abbreviations (i.e., etc.), signs (except for a dash before an interrupted direct speech) cannot be tolerated

The rules of Russian spelling and punctuation Approved in 1956 by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR and the Ministry of Education of the RSFSR:

View section Transfer Rules can be here, view the entire document and download it at this link

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The hyphenation algorithm is developed on the basis of hyphenation rules described in the Russian Spelling and Punctuation Rules, approved in 1956 by the USSR Academy of Sciences, the USSR Ministry of Higher Education and the RSFSR Ministry of Education

Shoes embroidery prices

The cost of embroidery on shoes is calculated individually, because we select an individual set of services to solve your problems. To calculate the cost, please send a sketch to [email protected], indicate the size, number of copies, as well as your wishes. During business hours, we will reply within 15 minutes.

The standard lead time is 5-7 business days. If embroidery on shoes is required urgently, then for a surcharge of 100% we will do it today.

designtext standard font
from 500r
text any font
from 1000r
simple logo
from 1000r
medium logo
from 2000r
complex logo
from 3000r
up to 10 cm
from 1000r
up to 20 cm
from 1500r
up to 30 cm
from 2000r

additional services

500 rub
1000 rub
Great dane.

Select the desired item in each row and summarize the prices indicated, so you will receive the cost of the retail order.

Design. This is your image translated into a format that the embroidery machine understands. Price and terms depend on the number of small details worked out. The design price for complex pictures and photographs is calculated individually. The design is paid once, with repeated embroidery, you do not need to pay for the design. If the product has several different images, each new design is paid separately.

Embroidery. The retail prices for the order of embroidery from 1 pc are indicated. To clarify the cost of your circulation, fill out the form, write to [email protected] or call +7 (495) 722-95-05.

Your sketchDesignApplicationResult

Sneakers embroidery

Sneakers with embroidery - a fashionable feature among athletes and youth. Many sports clubs place their logo on the sneaker tongue, this makes the shoes branded and increases the prestige of the team. Also, these sneakers with emblems are worn by fans to express their preferences.

Young people are attracted by a fresh and fashionable idea - gym shoes for the bride and groom. Usually a wedding embroidery contains names and a date, but nuances are possible. A photoshoot in these sneakers becomes an important milestone in celebration. Stars and people who want to emphasize their social status prefer personalized sneakers. Names or initials are embroidered either on the tongue or on the backdrop.

Sometimes embroidery on sneakers and conversions is used by businessmen. Logo sneakers become an unusual corporate gift or attribute of a uniform for promotions. Some brands use these sneakers for bright and memorable advertising, for example, the famous red sneakers in the MTS advertisement “At least go around the world” with our embroidery.

For similar purposes, embroidery on sneakers is used. However, sneakers are less suitable for application than sneakers. It is better to work with cut details or attach stripes. If you still want to make custom embroidery on sneakers, send us a photo of the product and a description of your idea, so that we can answer whether such embroidery is possible on the finished product.

Embroidery on felt boots

In the conditions of the Russian winter, felt boots are a necessary thing. Since Yudashkin brought embroidered boots to the fashion catwalk, this type of shoe has become popular among all segments of the population.

It is almost impossible to embroider on finished felt boots, therefore we offer a universal and inexpensive application option - stripes on felt boots. The patch is easy to attach to any place on the felt boots, just as easy to take off. Our seamstress can sew patches to your felt boots.

Felt boots with stripes are used as winter corporate clothing or as a gift to employees. Embroidery on felt boots is in demand in the world of souvenir products, folk motifs and Russian symbols are especially popular.

Slippers embroidery

A great way to create home comfort and cheer yourself up is embroidery on slippers! The style is formed from trifles, namely slippers can become the part that sets the tone for your day. Still such slippers with embroidery will be a gorgeous gift to a loved one.

Superheroes and flowers, your names and funny animals, brutal emblems and club symbols - and now slippers have become a reflection of your personality! You can also complement them with bathrobes, towels, bedspreads with embroidery. So the whole set will decorate your life!

Embroidery options on shoes

Cleats - versatile sports shoes. For many, this is a very important thing. Football players are especially kind to the boots: they have lucky pairs in which they manage to score a goal, and they keep such shoes for a long time. Embroidery on the boots will help to decorate this important item. You can embroider the logo of your favorite sports club, for example. Or maybe embroidery on the boots will become your personal talisman? How to know!

Embroidery is also suitable for decorating other models of shoes: velvet-embroidered wedges of women's shoes covered with velvet look very elegant and stylish, a metallized thread on a dark background of winter boots will create a fabulous print, and a strict geometric pattern on leather men's boots will look solid and expensive. Embroidery on boots is used for branding. By the way, engraving on leather products is an interesting alternative way to apply for cases when embroidery on shoes is impossible. It will suit lovers of military style too - to decorate the top of berets or high boots with a thematic emblem. If you still want embroidery, but you cannot make it on your shoes, there is a simple solution. Accessories embroidery is an elegant way to decorate finished shoes.

Technologically, embroidery on shoes is a rather complicated way of decoration. It is not always possible to access an embroidery product using an embroidery machine. In this case, the use of patches is suitable, which are then sewn or glued to the right place. The most preferred way to decorate shoes is to embroider a cut. It significantly reduces the cost and facilitates the embroidery process.

Order embroidery on shoes

You can order embroidery directly on our website, or send a letter with a sketch, size and number of copies.

We will reply you shortly after calculating the value of your order. Managers will help you determine the set of our services, and designers will give advice on the image, if you need it.

Payment Methods: cash, bank transfer, transfer to a bank account, electronic money (WebMoney, Qiwi-wallet, Yandex.Money).

Delivery Methods: our courier, pickup, postal services.

Let our embroidery photos please you!

All questions can be asked by mail or call.