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How to learn hip hop dance


“Hip-hop” is a bright personality, youth and energy. The modern dance direction attracts more and more people wishing to master the technique of dance. Moreover, like everything inherent in youth, one wants to quickly learn about movements and become a good performer. How to quickly learn to dance hip-hop

1. It is quite natural that the most effective and efficient way, bringing quick results - dance school. The first important steps in any dance direction are the main basic movements. “Hip-hop”, although it is an anarchist and free dance, where there is no obligatory use of the order of the studied dance elements and ligaments, is also based on basic movements. Having studied these movements, you can confidently state that you have overcome the first step. The dance school will be fixed mistakes made in the execution of the main elements. More complex tricks are sure to be safe, and unlike studying alone at home, here you will not harm your health.

2. Preferring homework, it is worth taking care of the availability of a sufficient amount and, no less important, video quality. At home, we put basic skills in the first place. Interactive courses will help to achieve positive results. But, most likely, it will take more time. Increase own productivity an ordinary mirror will help. If you practice in front of the mirror, the effect is greatly improved.

3. The third option requires enough courage and stubbornness. When visiting special places where hip-hop lovers gather, learn from others. You can ask for advice or help. But in this case, you should be prepared for possible ridicule and not very pleasant expressions about clumsiness and wrong actions.

4. It is worth observing occupation mode. The human body gets used to absolutely any changes, and in this case it will play into your hands. By setting a constant time for classes, your body will be ready for increased loads by this time. It is calculated that, ideally, the duration of the training is 2 hours. During this time, you should warm up properly, get the necessary skills and do not overload your body. Catching up at home you need to prepare the place is comfortable and free enough for classes, as well as pick up comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. Clothing is better suited from natural fabrics. When studying complex movements, try to protect yourself by putting something soft in the place of a possible fall.

Fear of Beginners

I started dancing at the age of 11, completely lacking this inclination: a fat, painful, pathologically shy child, completely devoid of physical training, but generously gifted with complexes and nervous tics. After a couple of years, I won first place in the competition, and after five more I performed on stage. I practiced without fanaticism, and I didn’t show any incredible talent - I just got great pleasure and easily overcome the fears that definitely stop many of you:

Today on the Internet you can download a lot of tutorials on hip-hop movements and, of course, music to which you should learn them. However, no matter how strong the desire to learn this dance is, rarely anyone succeeds in doing this at home. These homework lessons can do a good job for skillful dancers who are eager to learn new movements. But if you want to know how to learn how to dance hip-hop from scratch, it is best for you to contact either more experienced friends or go to a modern dance studio.

True, at home you yourself can make an invaluable contribution to the realization of your dream of dancing. Those who want to know how to learn how to dance break dance or hip hop should be critical of their bodies. Neither hip-hop nor breaks forgive poor physical fitness and weakness. Therefore, so that the performance of even the most elementary tricks does not become an impossible task for you, at least a couple of months devote yourself to the development of endurance and flexibility.

If you want to learn how to dance on your own, then you can’t do without knowledge of how hip-hop professionals dance.

Where to begin

Before you learn hip-hop for beginners, it is worth making sure that you are comfortable practicing. According to experienced dancers, three components will help to relax and begin training:

  • Suitable environment: flat floor, spacious room, full-length mirror.
  • Loose clothes and comfortable shoes. Nothing should restrict movement.
  • Hip-hop music with a clear beat.

A small ritual will help you set yourself up for a hip-hop wave: stand with your legs apart, hands down and eyes closed. Listen carefully to the sounding music and try to learn to hear the beat. Swing to the beat. And now you have already mastered the first movement. Congratulations! It's time to start with more complex elements.

The basic movements of hip-hop are quality and step. You have already met the first. Now try to put your right foot to the side and stretch your right hand up. Bend your right leg, transferring body weight to it, and lower your arm to shoulder level. Turn the body to the left, bend the left leg, and put the right on the toe. Now lower the right knee, bend in an arc and reach the floor with your hands. When you manage to complete this combination - consider that you started well in hip-hop.

Here are some basic hip hop moves for beginners:

  • Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart, and arms along the body. We squeeze the brushes into a fist and alternately put forward one hand or the other. Then we connect the legs bent at the knee: left hand - right foot, right foot - left hand.
  • Starting position - standing. We jump in place and cross our legs, and bend our arms as if we were rowing.
  • Starting position - standing, legs slightly wider than shoulders. We put the right leg a little back, bend the legs at the knees, which while looking straight. With our right hand we cover the face, the left one, folded into a fist, put in the area of ​​the heart. Then at the same time we tilt your head to the right and expand the left hand, and after that - turn the right knee and right hand to the right.
  • Starting position - standing, feet firmly pressed to the floor, knees slightly bent. Put the divorced fingers of the right hand on the chest, hold the elbow parallel to the floor. We bend in an arc, as if we received a blow right in the heart. Then we make two turns in different directions, straighten the back and return to the starting position. The hand at this time lowers from the heart to the waist. At the end, throw the pelvis forward again, round the back and tighten the buttocks.

You can get the first results pretty quickly. But when you closely begin to learn how to dance hip hop, you will soon notice that there are no clear movements in this direction. Having mastered several basic elements, dancers begin to improvise, create their own bundles and dance, as suggested by a creative fantasy.

First steps

Kramp - some do not at all distinguish kramp in a separate direction, but, in fact, this is a free oscillation and “shaking” of the chest, arms, legs, entire body in time with the music.

Locking - during an intense bit, rotational movements occur in the joints of the hands, and during deceleration or in places of obvious pauses, the body completely freezes. Movement continues, again, along with a change in rhythm

Afro-jazz - it is often inserted into courses on how to learn hip-hop dancing for girls. It is necessary to master a rather complex shaking of the lower body. Watch the video tutorials below and understand what it is about

“Everyone who created hip-hop just fooled around, grimaced, exchanged movements with each other: say, look how I can, or look what I get,” Ilya Vyaltsev explains. - That was the case in New York, and in Tallinn, and in Moscow. Hip hop is generally based on competition. The battles, that is, the competition of dancers and DJs, is not even competition, it is simply the desire to be the best. ” Svetlana Litvinova agrees with Ilya’s opinion. She also leads hip-hop lessons on the LIVE! TV channel. “This is freedom of expression, sign language, pantomime,” she said. “People take turns on stage and demonstrate everything they can.”

Fourteenth lesson - Pas de Bourré movement, Guess, Charles Stone.

The previous lessons were quite rich, therefore, at today's lesson, Arthur Panishev will show three simple movements that everyone can easily master and which will be useful in the future to create steeper combinations and combinations.
Watch the video tutorial >>
Read the movement tips >>

The fifteenth lesson is the basic types of swing.

Arthur Panishev as a responsible teacher monitors the feedback and wishes of his students. And this time, according to the numerous requests of readers, Arthur devoted the lesson to “swing”. Yes, to the very one we are talking about all the classes. But now let us dwell on it in more detail.
Watch the video tutorial >>
Read the movement tips >>

Sixteenth lesson - TLC, LL Cool J, Janet Jackson.

A detailed description and visual execution of all the basic steps for waltzing can be seen in the video. Using it as a training instruction, you will certainly get an excellent result.

Tango is one of the affordable, attractive and interesting methods of self-realization and relaxation. It is this direction of dancing that provides a unique opportunity for friendly communication, outdoor activities and personal development. To learn how to dance tango at home, you need to master the basic figures of the dance, which consist of steps:

  • 2 steps in place
  • after the first step, the second in place,
  • rounding obstacles
  • circle formation, gradually turning and pacing,
  • steps in the form of a letter U or L.

To create your own dance composition, be patient, enjoy every moment of training and master all the figures. And the video instruction will help you with this.

How to continue

If you managed to master the first movements of hip-hop from videos and photographs on the Internet, it is time to choose the direction in which you will continue to develop. Hip-hop culture is a wide range of dance styles that differ from each other in both elements and general mood. The main ones are:

  • Break dance is still the most popular basic hip-hop style, in which the direction originated.
  • Popping is a rhythmic contraction of various muscle groups to music so that it looks like pushes on the body of the performer,
  • Waving - smooth and flexible body movements, the most famous of which is the wave of the hands,
  • Afro-jazz - shaking mainly the lower and most prominent part of the body in women,
  • Kramp - energetic shaking of various limbs to the music so that it seems as if someone has moved into the dancer,
  • New Style, it is also freestyle - an improvisational dance that combines not only hip-hop movements, but also elements borrowed from more than a dozen other dance styles.
  • La Style is hip-hop, where the emphasis is on entertainment, so this style is mainly used in clips and in the production of the show.
  • Ragga-jazz is a dance tuned to music: the performer’s legs work under the percussion, and during the recitative, the hands are activated.
  • Locking - an energetic dance with "locks" - freezing in various poses for several seconds or periodic slowdown.
  • Power mov - a spectacular style, including complex acrobatic elements, handstand, various torsions, and transitions.
  • C-walk - dance - “language” with a criminal past, focusing on intensive and very dynamic footwork.

Other dance directions

Learn to dance hip hop possible in just a few months! Come and see for yourself!

If you decide that you want to practice at home, then “clear” the playground at home, put a mirror in front of you, put on loose clothing, turn on the instructional video and go! We wish you success!

Female and male hip hop

The next step is how to learn hip-hop without leaving your home, to bring a little femininity or, on the contrary, brutality to your existing skills, depending on your gender. The thing is that female and male hip-hop are slightly different from each other, and, therefore, representatives of the beautiful and strong half learn this direction in different ways.

Hip-hop dances for beginner girls are based on plasticity, flexibility and unobtrusive sexuality. The girls, along with the men, wear baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts with hoods, perform sweeping movements, but their execution looks different: the hips, legs and shoulders are more involved, the elements are a little smoother and sexier.

Male hip-hop, on the contrary, is more impudent, energetic and sometimes even aggressive. The emphasis is on the work of hands and body, acrobatic elements and movements that require strength and male endurance.

If you prefer to study this difficult direction in videos, it is better to initially choose hip-hop training for beginners, where the movements will be performed by a dancer of your gender. Together with the right technicians, you can also catch the gender characteristics of the elements of choreography.

Some more secrets

Learning to dance hip-hop at home, without classes with a professional teacher, is not easy, but real. Especially if you supplement the workout with a few more components. Here, as in learning a foreign language, only full immersion in culture will help. So, here are some tips from “experienced” hiphopers who learned a lot not under the guidance of a qualified mentor, but at home by the mirror:

  • Video recordings with basic exercises will help you master several movements, but for additional skills it is better to turn to interactive courses. Hip-hop lessons for beginners are regularly held online, often live.
  • Hip-hop parties and parties will help you to dissolve in this culture and make new acquaintances. Yes, of course, everyone will laugh at your first dances, but no one drags you into the center of the circle. While studying, observe how the pros dance, adopt a manner and memorize some movements in order to work them out at home.
  • Clear training mode. Only with regular classes can you achieve the result. In addition, our body is set for a specific schedule, and if you engage in a specific time, it will prepare for the loads. As experienced dancers note, the optimal duration of even home training is two hours. This is enough for warming up, and for the lesson itself, and for stretching after.
  • Additional physical activity. If you are configured not just for beginners, but for serious hip-hop elements with tricks, you can not do without strengthening the muscles of the whole body. You will need strong arms, strong body muscles and lack of excess weight. This can be achieved with classes in the gym or additional workouts with weights at home.
  • Compliance with safety precautions. Be sure to dance in comfortable non-slip shoes and loose clothing. Do not start training without an appropriate warm-up, and when practicing acrobatic elements, lay something soft on the floor.

To learn how to dance hip-hop, a video will be enough. But to become a real dancer, you need to study the subculture from the inside. It is believed that a hiphoper has achieved real mastery when he perfectly owns his body, does not “slow down” on the dance floor, knows how to improvise and select universal movements to any music. Hip-hop dance lends itself only to very persistent and disciplined people who are able to understand and accept his “philosophy of freedom”.

Do not forget that there are many professionals around who are ready to help you take the first steps in hip-hop or improve your skills at home. Qualified teachers of the dance club "La boca" will find an individual approach to you, will work out with you the technique of performing movements and even acrobatic elements. You don’t have to go far: “La boca” is located in the very center of St. Petersburg - at “Petrogradka”