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Convert Excel to PDF


PDF is one of the most popular document formats for reading and printing. Also, it can be used as a source of information without the possibility of editing. Therefore, the urgent issue is the conversion of files of other formats to PDF. Let's see how to convert the famous Excel spreadsheet format to PDF.

Excel Conversion

If earlier, in order to convert Excel to PDF, you had to tinker with third-party programs, services and add-ons for this, but since 2010, the conversion process can be performed directly in Microsoft Excel.

First of all, select the area of ​​cells on the sheet that we are going to convert. Then, go to the “File” tab.

Click on the item "Save As."

The save file window opens. It should indicate the folder on the hard drive or removable media where the file will be saved. If desired, you can rename the file. Then, open the “File Type” parameter, and select PDF from a huge list of formats.

After that, additional optimization options open. By setting the switch to the desired position, you can choose one of two options: “Standard size” or “Minimum”. In addition, by checking the box next to "Open file after publication", you will make it so that immediately after the conversion process, the file will start automatically.

To set some other settings, you need to click on the "Options" button.

After that, the options window opens. In it, you can set specifically what part of the file you are going to convert, connect document properties and tags. But, in most cases, you do not need to change these settings.

When all save settings are completed, click on the "Save" button.

The file is converted to PDF. In a professional language, the process of converting to this format is called publishing.

Upon completion of the conversion, you can do the same with the finished file as with any other PDF document. If you specified the need to open the file after publication in the save settings, then it will start automatically in the program for viewing PDF files, which is installed by default.

Why do I need a PDF?

Compared to Excel spreadsheets, PDF files have a number of advantages: this is a constant formatting, and the ability to open on a computer that does not have Excel. In addition, PDFs are more suitable for printing, and they are easier to share on the Internet.

Take advantage of these and other benefits: convert your Excel spreadsheet to PDF.

Using add-ons

But, unfortunately, in versions of Microsoft Excel until 2010 there is no built-in tool for converting Excel to PDF. What to do to users who have old versions of the program?

To do this, in Excel, you can install a special add-on for conversion, which acts like a plug-in in browsers. Many PDF programs offer the installation of their own add-ons in Microsoft Office applications. One such program is Foxit PDF.

After installing this program, a tab called “Foxit PDF” appears in the Microsoft Excel menu. In order to convert the file you need to open the document and go to this tab.

Next, click on the “Create PDF” button, which is located on the ribbon.

A window opens in which, using the switch, you need to select one of three conversion modes:

  1. Entire Workbook (converting the entire book completely),
  2. Selection (conversion of the selected range of cells),
  3. Sheet (s) (conversion of selected sheets).

After the choice of the conversion mode is made, click on the button "Convert to PDF" ("Convert to PDF").

A window opens in which you need to select the directory of the hard drive, or removable media, where the finished PDF file will be placed. After that, click on the “Save” button.

Converts an Excel document to PDF.

Third party programs

Now let's find out if there is a way to convert an Excel file to PDF if Microsoft Office is not installed at all? In this case, third-party applications may come to the rescue. Most of them work on the principle of a virtual printer, that is, they send the Excel file for printing not to a physical printer, but to a PDF document.

One of the most convenient and simple programs for the process of converting files in this direction is the FoxPDF Excel to PDF Converter application. Despite the fact that the interface of this program is in English, all the actions in it are very simple and intuitive. The instructions below will help make the application even easier.

After FoxPDF Excel to PDF Converter is installed, run this program. Click on the leftmost button on the toolbar "Add Excel Files" ("Add Excel Files").

After that, a window opens where you must find on the hard drive, or removable media, the Excel files that you want to convert. Unlike previous conversion methods, this option is good in that it allows you to add multiple files at the same time, and thus perform batch conversion. So, select the files and click on the "Open" button.

As you can see, after that, the name of these files appears in the main window of FoxPDF Excel to PDF Converter. Please note that there are checkmarks next to the file names prepared for conversion. If the check mark is not set, then after starting the conversion procedure, the file with the tick unchecked will not be converted.

By default, converted files are saved in a special folder. If you want to save them in another place, then click on the button to the right of the field with the save address, and select the desired directory.

When all the settings are complete, you can start the conversion process. To do this, click on the large button with the PDF logo in the lower right corner of the program window.

After that, the conversion will be performed, and you can use the finished files at your discretion.

Convert Using Online Services

If you do not convert Excel files to PDF very often, and for this procedure you do not want to install additional software on your computer, you can use the services of specialized online services. Let's see how to convert Excel to PDF using the example of the popular SmallPDF service.

After going to the main page of this site, click on the menu item "Excel to PDF".

After we got to the desired section, we simply drag the Excel file from the open Windows Explorer window to the browser window, in the corresponding field.

You can add the file in another way. Click on the button "Select file" on the service, and in the window that opens, select the file or group of files that we want to convert.

After that, the conversion process begins. In most cases, it does not take much time.

After the conversion is completed, you just have to download the finished PDF file to your computer by clicking on the “Download file” button.

In the vast majority of online services, conversion takes place using exactly the same algorithm:

  • Upload Excel file to the service,
  • Conversion process
  • Download the finished PDF file.

    As you can see, there are four options for converting an Excel file to PDF. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, using specialized utilities, you can batch convert files, but for this you need to install additional software, and for converting online, you definitely need an Internet connection. Therefore, each user decides for himself how to use it, taking into account his capabilities and needs.

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    How to convert Excel to PDF

    The table structure in Excel is quite complex. Editable cells contain not only ordinary information, but also formulas, external links and graphic elements. This factor complicates the circulation of documents in the program.

    In order to increase the likelihood that another user will be able to open and read the document, you can translate it into PDF. This is also convenient in the case when you need to hide formulas from other people according to which certain indicators in the cells of the book were calculated. Before sending a file by mail or putting it in the public domain, do the conversion to PDF in one of the ways:

    1. Using Excel’s built-in features,
    2. Through the official add-in from Microsoft,
    3. Using online services,
    4. In the downloaded program.

    A PDF document that you receive in any of the ways will have a holistic structure. It can be opened on any device, including a mobile one, and also cannot be edited by the reader. Such a file does not contain links to third-party resources and calculation formulas.

    How to place a whole Excel sheet on one PDF page

    If you need to make one sheet of Excel book occupy one page in PDF and at the same time display correctly:

    1. Open the “Page Layout” in Excel, click on the arrow that opens additional options (the icon in the lower right corner of the “Page Settings” area),
    2. Activate the item "Place no more than" and specify the number of pages equal to one,
    3. Click “OK”, print the file in PDF using Excel functions, an additional plug-in or Universal Document Converter.

    It’s very easy to fit a document into a sheet format

    How to mass convert Excel files to PDF

    If you regularly create a large number of XLS documents that need to be translated into PDF, this can be done using the automatic function. She will do the job faster, and you will not have to perform all the actions manually.

    This feature is available in the Universal Document Converter. To activate it, you need to make the settings:

    1. When saving a document, select the program from the printers,
    2. Click "Change Settings"
    3. In the parameters of the final document, specify the PDF format,
    4. To start batch conversion, click "Start",
    5. The current and subsequent documents will be saved in the right form - this can be canceled in the same settings.

    You can also use the downloadable program Folder Mill, which is able to work with a large number of files of various formats coming from external sources. It was created in order to simplify the work of company employees who had to convert everything manually. Use Folder Mill - in the settings, specify that the files are converted to PDF, after which automatic conversion will begin.

    The application is relevant for a large number of convertible documents

    How to protect the resulting PDF file with a password

    Access protection without the appropriate code is needed in order to prevent third parties from reading the file. The easiest way to do this is to also use Universal Document Converter. To activate the protection you need:

    1. Open the required XLS document in Excel,
    2. Click "Print", select Universal Converter as a printer and select "Properties",
    3. Set the function so that the output document is in PDF - this is done in the "File Format",
    4. In the “PDF Standart” area, select “Password protection” and enter the secret code,
    5. If later you need to add pages to the password-protected document, do not change the secret code itself (if the file initially had no protection, do not install it on new pages),
    6. Click “OK”, print the Excel document as a PDF using the Converter.

    How to translate PDF to Excel

    Reverse situations when you need to convert PDF to Excel happen if you sent a file whose author did not take into account that you want to perform editing. In addition, PDF documents are often the only available format when downloading various tables with prices of companies. They are designed to ensure that the file will be available on any system, even if the device does not have Excel.

    Unlike the primary conversion of the Excel table to a PDF, the reverse procedure is more complicated. Nevertheless, it can also be performed in the editor - for this you will have to use one of two options:

    1. Column to Text feature in Microsoft Office Excel (Acrobat Reader also required),
    2. Online converter,
    3. Downloadable program for conversion.

    Convert an Excel spreadsheet to a portable PDF file in seconds.

    When working with Excel documents on the computer where they are saved, there may be no fonts, software for viewing the document, or the formatting of the document may be violated, which will make it completely unreadable. Using the online Excel to PDF converter, you can avoid all these difficulties by converting an XLS or XLSX document to a PDF file that can be used on any device.

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