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How to clean grapefruit: several effective ways


Grapefruit is undoubtedly a healthy fruit. It has a lot of vitamin C. And also, as nutritionists assure, grapefruit (with its regular use) helps fight extra pounds.

But with all the benefits of this citrus, he doesn’t have so many fans. The thing is that, unlike sweet oranges, tangerines, pomelo and sweeties, grapefruit has a slightly bitter taste. But actually this fruit is sweet. He is not bitter, but whitish translucent films that separate grapefruit slices from each other. They contain quinic acid and glycosides. These substances, by the way, are also useful. But also bitter, like some medicines.

In this article we will tell you how to peel a grapefruit so that, firstly, it does not splash with juice, and secondly, fully enjoy the sweet taste of the fruit without bitterness. The attached photos will make our instructions more understandable.

How to choose a grapefruit

If the fruit is immature, suffered from long storage or improper transportation, its taste can not be corrected. But who knows if citrus is good or bad? After all, even if you know how to quickly clean the grapefruit, in a store or in the market we are unlikely to be allowed to do this.

But there are several ways to separate a quality fetus from "neconditis." The skin of a good grapefruit should be shiny, clean, uniform in color and without damage. Choose a round fruit. The main criterion for good quality grapefruit is the correct ratio of weight and size. Pick up several similar-looking fruits and compare. Choose the heaviest citrus. It will turn out to be the most juicy and delicious. Owners of citrus groves spray pests. Traders process fruits in order to preserve their "presentation". Fortunately, citrus fruits have a rough peel that can be washed with hot water and soap.

How to easily peel a grapefruit: method 1

Etiquette at the table instructs to eat this fruit with a spoon.

So, cut the washed grapefruit in half with a knife. And not just as it should, but "at the equator." Take a look at grapefruit. For all its rounded shape, it has flatnesses. This is a trace from the handle, and on the other hand, from the flower. These points will be conventionally considered the poles of our small globe. Then it will be easy for us to identify the equator, along which the section should be made. We put both halves on plates. Inside we see as if segments. We are armed with a dessert or teaspoon. Well, if she had sharp edges. With a spoon, select the sweet pulp from the bitter films and eat.

But even with this method, we are not protected from splashes of grapefruit juice. Especially unpleasant when it gets into the eyes. Therefore, we skimp on etiquette and consider other options for how to clean grapefruit.

Second way

You can deal with this fruit as with mandarin or orange. The peel of the grapefruit is thick, so it will be easy to do. But you need to act carefully so as not to damage the integrity of the fetus itself. We make a few cuts with a knife and remove the peel.

Next, consider how to clean the grapefruit from the films. Indeed, it is because of them that the fetus has such a bitter taste. Divide the grapefruit into slices. Unlike mandarins and oranges, the white membranes between the segments of this fruit are thicker. Yes, and do not fit so tightly to the pulp, as in other citrus fruits. We pry the knife edge off the inner edge of the wedge and pull it toward the outer. The juicy pulp is exposed. With a knife, select the possible bones. Put the cleaned pulp into a bowl or bowl. If desired, you can sprinkle it with sugar or pour honey. So citrus will become even sweeter.

The third way, without a knife

Sometimes it happens that you want to try grapefruit outside the house, so to speak, in the field. No knife, no utensils at hand. How to clean grapefruit in this situation? Very simple. Tear off the rough peel of citrus with your hands and completely clean it. Divide the fruit into segments. Take one, tear off the side film on the inside of the segment. The flesh should be exposed. Press your finger to the uncleaned side of the lobule and break the segment. We eat juicy pulp, leaving a white membrane in the hands. This method also protects against splashing juice. After all, the flesh of a grapefruit consists of thin flagella that hold their shape well. You will only feel the fullness of the fruit when you open the citrus.

How to Clean Grapefruit with a Microwave Oven

We are used to using a microwave to heat and cook various dishes. But there are many other useful properties of this household appliance. For example, with its help you can make stale bread fresh again. The walnut shell will easily crack if they are heated for 30 seconds in a microwave oven at full power.

A microwave will help when removing bitter films from grapefruit. It is necessary to clean the fetus from the outer peel. Now put it on a plate, send it to the oven and turn on the device at full power for half a minute. During this time, grapefruit juice will not evaporate. But unwanted films will become like paper. They will be very easy to tear off with your hands and expose the juicy flesh.

Vintage way

What did people do until 1946, when engineer Spencer gave the world a microwave?

Our grandmothers knew how to clean grapefruit. They took a very sharp knife with a thin tip and cut off the peel from the two “poles” of the fetus. Further, they put the grapefruit in a wide bowl and began to methodically peel the peel from it. This peel can be discarded or dried in order to add grated zest to drinks or pastries later.

With a sharp edge of a knife, the peeled fruit is cut, trying to get as close to the white film as possible. And pick out the contents from the membrane in a bowl. With this processing method, a lot of juice will come out, but in fact it will all gather in a bowl.

The beneficial properties of grapefruit

Like other citrus fruits, this fruit is high in vitamins. In 100 ml of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice there is up to 45 mg of vitamin C. It is this amount of ascorbic acid that compensates for the daily requirement for a child aged 5-10 years. In addition, grapefruit contains vitamins A, B1, B2, D, as well as potassium and magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc, cobalt, organic acids and pectin. Calorie content of the fetus is 35 kcal.

The characteristic bitterness of the peel and films inside the fruit is due to the content of naringin in them - a vegetable flavonoid. To avoid a bitter aftertaste when eating a fetus, you need to know how to properly clean the grapefruit. In fact, naringin is not a harmful substance at all, but only an unpleasant taste. It is just extracted from the grapefruit peel, and then used in the production of sports nutritional supplements for weight loss.

Useful properties of the fruit:

  • normalization of cholesterol and glucose in the blood,
  • improving blood circulation and heart function,
  • removal of salts and toxins,
  • activation of the liver,
  • strengthening immunity
  • normalization of the intestines with constipation,
  • the fight against insomnia, depression, drowsiness, lethargy, apathy,
  • cancer prevention.

How to choose a good grapefruit

When choosing a ripe and juicy fruit in the store, you should pay attention to its color and smell. As a rule, the brighter the grapefruit, the tastier it is. Ripe fruit has a pleasant aroma unlike that which was removed from a tree in an unripe state. It is important to pay attention to this criterion. Also, if you compare the fruits by weight, the ripe fruit will be heavier.

Below are a few effective ways to clean the grapefruit correctly (pictured). Depending on how you plan to use the fruit in the future, one of the proposed options is selected.

How to clean grapefruit

This citrus is widely used in cooking for preparing fruit salads and desserts. Also, grapefruit produces a very delicious tonic juice with its inherent piquant bitterness. But precisely because of the characteristic bitterness, some people refuse to use this fruit and dishes from it.

Below we offer a simple way how to peel a grapefruit so that it does not get bitter, using only a knife and a cutting board. Step by step, this process can be represented in the following sequence:

  1. The top is cut from the grapefruit in such a way that the pulp remains untouched.
  2. With a small and sharp knife, shallow cuts are made from the top downwards at a distance of 1-2 cm.
  3. The fingers should hook the peel in the incision. In this way, the entire fetus is cleansed.
  4. The white film remaining under the skin is easily removed from top to bottom.
  5. Grapefruit is divided into slices. Lastly, a thin film is removed from each segment.

How to peel a fruit and divide it into slices without films

To implement the following method, you will again need a knife and a cutting board. But in this case, unlike the previous one, a minimum of actions will be performed by hands.

The sequence of manipulations that describe how to properly clean the grapefruit so that it does not get bitter is as follows:

  1. With a sharp knife, the top of the fetus is cut from one side and the other so that the flesh is visible.
  2. Then, using the same knife, the peel of the fruit is cut off. In the process, you should adhere to the natural shape of the fruit and try to cut off only a thin and bitter film and as little tasty pulp as possible.
  3. As a result of previous actions, a rounded-shaped fruit completely cleaned from the outside should be obtained. To use it in the preparation of fruit salads or desserts, it remains only to cut slices. In this case, with a sharp knife, the lobule is separated from the membrane and removed from the fruit.
  4. In a similar way, the remaining slices are cut.
  5. From the pulp remaining on the membranes, you can squeeze out delicious juice with spicy bitterness.

How to Peel Grapefruit for Juice

This method is suitable for the case when the appearance of the peeled fruit is not so important. It is used, as a rule, in the case when you need to prepare delicious juice.

The following sequence of actions is followed:

  1. Without removing the peel, the fruit is cut into two equally sized halves.
  2. Using a small spoon, the pulp, along with the membranes, is removed from the peel and laid out in a bowl.
  3. Using gauze or a sieve, all the juice is squeezed out of the pulp.

Ways to use

Fruit can be peeled in many ways. The rules of etiquette stipulate that at the table this citrus should be eaten with a spoon. That will be the first way:

  • First you need to wash the fruit and dry it.
  • Now with a sharp knife you need to cut the grapefruit exactly in half.
  • Halves that are made from chopped fruit must be laid out on a saucer.
  • Armed with a tea or any other spoon, you can start using it. It is desirable that the spoon has sharp edges - this will facilitate the separation of the sweet pulp of the fruit.

To eat grapefruit with a spoon, you need to get the hang of it and be extremely careful, because citrus juice can be sprayed and get into your eyes and clothes.

The right cleaning method

Many people mistakenly think that fruit can only be peeled using a grapefruit knife. But it happens that there are simply no kitchen appliances at hand. In this case, you can do several manipulations and get a beautifully peeled fruit. You can peel a grapefruit into slices like this:

  • tear off the skin and completely remove it,
  • divide the resulting fruit into slices,
  • take one of them and tear off the film that covers the lobule,
  • pressing your finger against the uncleaned film, break the segment.

In this case, only the pulp needs to be eaten, leaving a bitter film in the hands. This method will greatly help those who are afraid of splashing and getting grapefruit juice in their eyes and on clothes, and at the same time you can enjoy only juicy sweet pulp that will not be bitter. You will only be able to evaluate the fruit's fullness after you have fully lived the fruit.

If you still have incomprehensible moments of how to separate the slices from the segments, watch the video on how to clean the grapefruit correctly.

Interesting and custom options

There are several other ways you can easily peel a grapefruit. For example, cut the top of the fetus so that the flesh is visible. Then you just need to remove the remaining peel, without touching the pulp. You need to move the knife strictly in shape. The white segments that remain in the end must be removed.

Cut the peeled fruit into slices, separating from the membranes. It is recommended to do this over any container in order to collect juice in the future. With this method of cleaning a lot of juice will stand outbut it’s not scary. It can then be simply drunk or added to various mixed drinks. The slices that remain after eating can be stored in the refrigerator for about 5 days, placing them in a container and covering with cling film.

There is another no less interesting way to clean the fruit, which involves a microwave oven, which everyone is so used to using to heat various dishes. A microwave oven, of course, does not clean the fruit itself. You will have to get rid of the peel that surrounds it yourself. This can be done using the methods mentioned previously.

So, the fruit that has already been peeled off must be placed on a plate in a microwave oven. Now, putting it at full power and turning on the oven for 30 seconds, you can get peeled fruit from white segments, which will not be bitter, but will surprise you with its sweetness and juiciness.

Do not worry about the juice that everyone loves so much - it will not evaporate. But thanks to this method, it will be much easier to remove hated films that spoil the taste of the fetus.

Ripe fruit selection

The main thing to consider is quality. To determine how ripe a particular grapefruit is, you need to pay attention to its weight and color. The fruit, which will be the most colorful and largest, will be the most sweet and delicious.

Grapefruit with a pink tinge will have sourness, white will slightly remind a lemon. White and pink fruits are well suited to fruit salads, but many people like to eat them and just like that, in its pure form. Fruits of a brown hue, although they do not have a pleasant taste, but in no way inferior to others in the amount of vitamins and the benefits of drinking.

Using a teaspoon

This method is suitable if you are not going to store the peeled pulp, but want to eat it right away.

  1. Cut the fruit in half.
  2. Use a special spoon for grapefruit (with cloves) or an ordinary teaspoon.
  3. Sprinkle fruit with salt or sugar if desired.
  4. Scoop citrus with a spoon, avoiding the bitter “membranes”.

Tip: if after removing the pulp a little remains on the skins, squeeze the juice and use it for seasoning or cocktails.

With a knife

There is a tool designed for citrus fruits. If there is no such device, use this method, which will tell you how easy it is to clean the grapefruit without using special tools.

  1. Take a well-sharpened knife and cut off the top and bottom of the fruit to make the flesh appear.
  2. Carefully remove the peel from one “pole” to another. Continue until the fruit is peeled.
  3. Then remove the white film - with a knife or manually.
  4. Place the grapefruit on a wooden plank for convenience and separate one slice from the bitter membranes with a knife. Move from the outer edge to the center.
  5. Prepare the slices in this way by removing the white film with your fingers.

You can squeeze some juice out of the remaining pulp. Fold the peeled slices in a sealed food container. They can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. They can be consumed in pure form, added to salads, used to prepare any dishes.

When there is none of the above at hand, you have to think about how to quickly clean the grapefruit. Do it easily and manually. The process will take effort and take longer, but the result will be no worse than when using a knife or other devices.

  1. Do not forget to wash your hands before peeling the grapefruit, as you will have to touch the pulp.
  2. Start peeling off. To make this easier, pierce it in the center of the base with a knitting needle, the back of a teaspoon, pen or other convenient object.
  3. Tear off pieces of the upper skin until it is completely removed. Then remove the soft white layer underneath.
  4. Disassemble the fruit into slices. Separate the bitter film by tearing it off the top and pulling it down. Remove visible bones along the way.

Important: Citrus juice is rather caustic and may cause irritation. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with running water. You can also work with medical gloves so as not to damage the skin of the hands.

Using a microwave

Another way to tell how to quickly clean the grapefruit in the microwave. The fruit must be peeled. Then put on a plate, send it to the oven. Set the device to the highest available power and time - 30 seconds.

The white film will dry and in consistency will resemble paper. It will be easy to remove. Передерживать плод в СВЧ-печи не следует, иначе жидкость из мякоти испарится.

Почему грейпфрут горчит

Многим людям нравится вкус и аромат этого фрукта, но их отталкивает его особенность — горечь. Эта характеристика выделят плод среди остальных цитрусовых. Кому-то она нравится, а другие задаются вопросом: почему грейпфрут горький?

This palatability provides the fetus naringenin, a chemical in the flavonoid group. It acts on the body as an antioxidant and modulator of the immune system. Naringenin is concentrated in the bones of the fetus and under the membrane in which the lobules are enclosed.

It is interesting: In addition to grapefruits, the substance is also found in cherries, cocoa, bergamot, tomatoes and some other fruits and herbs.

It is naringenin that the fruit owes its ability to accelerate metabolism, reduce harmful cholesterol and burn fat by the liver.

Knowing how to properly clean the grapefruit, you can get rid of this unpleasant property. But if you strive for the perfect figure, it is worth a little patience aftertaste.

Before cutting grapefruit, wash it under running water using a dish sponge. Understand that you coped with the task, you can smell. The aroma of the fruit becomes more pronounced. Hands should also be washed before peeling grapefruit.

How beautifully cut fruit

It is most convenient to chop fruit with slices or wedges. So it is easier to serve and carefully take from the plate when serving. To do this, cut the peel from it and separate it from the bitter film with a sharp thin knife or spoon.

The separated pulp is placed on the selected dishes. The pieces are also sprinkled with sugar and left for 20 minutes, after which they are served on a dish and eaten as a full dessert.

How to eat

Citrus fruits are known to be a storehouse of vitamin C and other beneficial substances. But in order to get any result, fruits must be eaten in large quantities. This can cause allergic reactions or simply get tired.

There is no single option on how to eat grapefruit correctly. You can use the fruit not only in its pure form. Add it to a light fruit or vegetable salad. The pulp will add spice to the appetizer, and tart juice combined with honey and vegetable oil will be an excellent dressing. Grapefruit can be an ingredient for Mexican salsa sauce, sweet sorbets, jams.

For weight loss, eat half the fruit every day or drink 100 ml of grapefruit juice 15-20 minutes before breakfast. To achieve the effect, it is necessary to use the product for 2-4 weeks. It is advisable to eat fruit in the morning or in the evening - it stimulates digestion and normalizes sleep.

Despite the benefits, people with gastrointestinal diseases should use the product with caution, since caustic juice irritates the mucous membranes of the digestive system. You should also abandon the fruit to people undergoing drug treatment. The substances contained in it can neutralize or enhance the effect of drugs.

Tip: After grapefruit, rinse your mouth with water, otherwise the acid remaining on the teeth can destroy the enamel.

This fruit is great for daily use when you have no contraindications. If properly cleaned, the bitter taste does not hurt to enjoy an exotic fruit.