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Coffee Con Leche


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Coffee Con Leche is a hot coffee drink made from espresso and warm milk. You can make it unsweetened or add sugar to taste. Making this delicious coffee drink is much easier than it seems at first glance, so try to make it instead of the usual cup of coffee.

Cooking features

Making coffee con leche is not a difficult task, and many housewives make it regularly, without even realizing how well-known and popular drink they brew. However, to get just such a coffee with milk, which is so loved by the inhabitants of Spain and tourists who come here, you need to know some nuances.

  • Con leche coffee is not considered strong, it is often chosen by people who prefer mild coffee flavors, as well as those who are forced to limit their intake of high caffeine products. However, if black coffee for this cocktail is made too weak, the unique contrast of bitter espresso and tender milk will be lost. Brewing coffee for this cocktail costs the same strength as usual, or even more.
  • Espresso is the ideal base for coffee con leche. If you do not have equipment for preparing such drinks at home, you can brew it in a Turk. It is important to bring the drink to a boil 2-3 times, but not to allow it to boil. Before mixing with milk, coffee brewed in a Turk must be filtered, as coffee precipitate can spoil the pleasure of drinking a cocktail.
  • Coffee-makers are unanimous that from natural, freshly ground coffee powder, drinks are tastier and more aromatic than from instant ones. However, the food industry has taken a big step forward, and soluble powder is sold under some brands, coffee from which is almost indistinguishable in its organoleptic qualities from natural. At home, coffee is allowed to be made from concentrate, but only if it is of high quality.
  • The drink can be sweetened. Usually for this sugar is added to hot coffee before pouring it into cups, or served separately. You can also sweeten with condensed milk or low-calorie sweetener.
  • The most common version of coffee con leche contains at least components: coffee, milk, sometimes sugar, cinnamon, but sometimes it is supplemented with cocoa, chocolate, cream, spices, and even wine. It goes well with a cocktail and cream liqueur.
  • You can use milk of any fat content. Fatty milk allows you to give the cocktail a more expressive taste, non-fat makes it less nutritious. People who do not consume animal products can use coconut, almond or oat milk to make the cocktail. The taste of the drink from this will change, but will remain pleasant.

Served hot coffee con leche. Milk can be immediately mixed with espresso or poured into it when serving a cocktail to the table. Sugar is also put immediately or served separately. The latter option is preferable when the gastronomic preferences of the one who will drink the coffee cocktail are unknown.

Classic recipe for coffee con leche

  • espresso - 60 ml
  • milk - 40–80 ml,
  • ground cinnamon - pinch,
  • sugar to taste.

  1. Make espresso. The optimal combination is 2 teaspoons of ground coffee and 50-60 ml of water.
  2. Mix the drink with a pinch of cinnamon. Cinnamon can immediately be combined with ground coffee, from which espresso is brewed, then the taste of the cocktail will be more harmonious.
  3. Pour espresso into a 150-180 ml cup.
  4. Heat the milk, pour it into the milkman.

It remains to pour exactly as much milk into the cup as the person you ask for a coffee-milk cocktail asks for and offer him a few pieces of sugar.

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Home-made coffee con leche

  • ground or instant coffee - to taste,
  • water - 120 ml
  • milk - 120 ml
  • sugar - 10 g
  • cinnamon - 2 sticks.

  1. In any way that is familiar to you, make coffee. If necessary, strain it.
  2. Mix coffee with sugar.
  3. Preheat the milk. Beat it with a mixer. Pour into a container of coffee, leaving foam. Mix coffee with milk.
  4. Pour the coffee into cups, spread the foam over them.

Serve the smoothie with cinnamon sticks in each cup.

An unusual version of coffee con leche with red wine

  • ground coffee - 10 g,
  • ground cinnamon - 5 g,
  • water - 60 ml
  • red dessert wine - 80 ml,
  • skim milk or cream - 120 ml.

  1. Ground coffee mix with cinnamon. Make black coffee from the resulting powder. Strain it if necessary.
  2. Heat the milk or cream, just a little without bringing them to a boil.
  3. Pour black coffee, dairy product and wine into a small container. Mix them gently and pour them into cups.

Instead of cinnamon, you can add a pinch of cloves and a little nutmeg.

Popular in Spain, coffee con leche is a hot coffee and milk shake, most often supplemented with sugar and cinnamon. There are several options for making this gentle coffee-based drink.

To cook by all the rules

Making coffee con leche is not difficult. Many do this every day, without thinking about the recipe and technology. But in order to make the resulting drink as similar as possible to a traditional Spanish treat, you need to remember a few simple recommendations.

  • The most suitable base for coffee con leche is espresso. It can be prepared in a coffee maker. But black coffee brewed in a turk is also suitable as a base. To obtain sufficient strength, it must reach a boil at least 2-3 times. As insisted, it needs to be filtered to completely eliminate the ingress of sediment into the cocktail.
  • The most delicious, aromatic coffee is obtained from freshly ground beans. If a soluble analog is used, then of the highest quality.
  • Con leche due to the addition of milk does not apply to strong drinks. But the base should be strong enough to feel the contrast of the delicate milky taste and the bitter coffee. So you need to brew basic black coffee with an ordinary strength or even a little more.
  • Any milk is suitable for a cocktail. This refers not only to fat content, but also to the origin of the product. Whole will give a brighter taste, but also add more calories. A low-fat drink will make it more dietary, but less saturated. Those who do not consume animal products can add any vegetable milk (almond, soy, coconut, oat). One must be prepared for the fact that this will affect the taste of the drink.
  • Coffee can be sweetened not only with sugar, but also with condensed milk, sweetened cream or sweetener. You can add them immediately or give everyone the opportunity to do it on their own. Especially when the preferences of the guests to the owner are unknown.
  • Coffee con leche is always served hot. It is advisable to warm the cups to maintain the desired temperature.

You can immediately add milk or pour the right amount at the table. By the way, in Spanish cafes, espresso and milk are brought separately, and the drink is prepared at the table, pouring the latter until the guest considers that the ideal proportion has been reached.

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At home

Another option for coffee with milk is distinguished by airy foam and a delicate taste. For two servings you will need:

  • 2-4 tsp ground coffee beans
  • 120 ml of water
  • 120 ml of milk
  • 2 tsp granulated sugar
  • 2 cinnamon sticks.

  1. Brew espresso in any convenient way. You can use a coffee maker or take a cezve. Be sure to strain the drink, pour sugar into it.
  2. Boil the milk. Reduce the heat to a minimum and warm up for a couple of minutes, stirring constantly so that the film does not form. Beat it with a mixer at high speed until foam is formed.
  3. Pour hot milk in a thin stream into coffee so that milk foam remains in the dish. Stir the coffee and milk liquid, pour into cups. Put foam on top. Serve, garnish each serving with a cinnamon stick.

This option certainly deserves to be tried. The combination of a bitter coffee taste, astringency of wine and creamy tenderness of rich milk creates a unique trio.

Ingredients per Serving:

  • 1 tsp ground coffee beans (take a spoonful full, with a slide),
  • 60 ml of water
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon (with a slide),
  • 120 ml of milk (it is better to take fat milk or cream),
  • 80 ml of red wine (sweet dessert is perfect).

  1. Mix coffee powder and cinnamon. Cook black coffee from the spicy mixture and filter.
  2. Heat cream or milk. Bring almost to a boil and remove from heat. In a large glass, mix all the ingredients and serve immediately.

You can replace cinnamon with cloves or nutmeg.

Coffee con Leche was created both for adherents of the classics, and for lovers of culinary experiments. The first will enjoy a cocktail prepared according to the original recipe. The second will be able to add original, unexpected notes to it. Both those and others will receive many pleasant emotions with a cup of a gentle invigorating drink.

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