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Postcard for Mother's Day do-it-yourself paper and cardboard


Larisa Savchuk
Postcard "Happy Mother's Day!" Do it yourself. Master Class

The master class is intended for preschool children, elementary school students, teachers and parents.

Appointment: as a gift, interior decoration

Goal: making a DIY card as a gift to mom

Tasks: to develop interest in artistic creation,

- learn how to make a postcard with your own hands:

- develop aesthetic taste, compositional skills,

- improve application skills,

- develop a desire to do good to your loved ones,

- cultivate independence, accuracy in work, love for loved ones

Material Required:

- office paper white, yellow, green,

- paper lace napkins,

- figured hole punch "flower",

- scissors simple and with blades "zigzag", "wave",

- glue stick, PVA glue,

- yellow gouache.

Postcard manufacturing process:

From green paper cut stems of flowers

Find suitable labels, congratulatory poems on the Internet and print them

Divide colored cardboard into two parts, and at each 1/2 part (the base of the card) round the corners. Make flowers with a puncher, cut poems and inscriptions.

On the back of the postcard to place greeting poems

Glue a lace napkin in the bottom corner of the base, stems on top. Fold the sides of the napkin to the center in the form of a bag

In the center of each flower, draw a yellow core with a cotton bud.

From a narrow strip of colored paper, make a bow and stick it on a bouquet. In the bottom corner of the postcard place the inscription "Happy Mother's Day!"

DIY flowers (master class) So again, the long-awaited spring has come. Nature awakens, and with it flowers bloom: anemone, mother - and stepmother, pleasing to the eye.

Master class “DIY balalaika” Master class: In order to make such a balalaika I took: plywood, gouache, brushes and clear varnish. And of course, good mood.

Master class “Do it yourself” The master class is designed for children of the preparatory group of the kindergarten, teachers, teachers and parents. Appointment of a master class.

Master class “Pendant with your own hands as a gift to mother for Mother’s Day with children of primary and secondary school age” In November, such a wonderful holiday as Mother’s Day is celebrated. This holiday is one of the main children's holiday.

Master class “Do-it-yourself massager” 1. I bring to your attention a massager made of containers from Kinder surprise. For the manufacture of such a massager does not require much.

Master class “Postcard“ Happy Cosmonautics Day! ”I want to share with you the idea of ​​designing a card for Cosmonautics Day. My preschool children and I already made postcards and on April 12 they congratulated.

Master class “Souvenir with your own hands” For any occasion, it is nice to receive a gift made by yourself - it can be a souvenir. Souvenirs are different, large, small.

Master class "Theater with their own hands" Theatrical activity plays an important role in the education and upbringing of children not only in preschool but also in school age. In the pageant.

DIY birthday card using scrapbooking technique. Master class Today I want to share a postcard that I made and presented to my pupil on her birthday on August 18. Nowadays, nobody is already.

Postcard "Easter Spring" from paper do it yourself. Master class with step by step photos Author: Chelyadina Svetlana Vladimirovna. Description: This master class is intended for children from 7 years old and creative people who love.

Postcard for Mother's Day do-it-yourself paper and cardboard to school - master class

A bright, effective and very beautiful card for Mother's Day can be made of colored paper and cardboard, clearly following the instructions of the master class presented below. The finished work will turn out catchy, attractive and will surely please the hero of the occasion. Of course, it will take some effort to create such an original and stylish thing, but the joyful emotions and smile of a loved one are well worth any labor and time spent.

Postcard with a pattern and applique for mom

We bring to your attention a very touching postcard for Mother's Day, made using the technique of drawing and applique. We make the basis - we fold twice a thick sheet of paper. Cut a hole in the shape of a heart on the front of the card. Decorate it with green paper around the edge. From multi-colored paper, we cut four hearts.

Make the base and cut four hearts out of paper

Glue the hearts on the card. We cut out the word "mother" from paper. Glue each letter to the hearts. Glue the strings to the hearts in such a way that they become like balloons. We decorate the craft with paper butterflies.

Glue letters, strings and butterflies

On the inside of the postcard, opposite the hole, we draw an image of mom and baby with a heart.

Mom and baby with a heart

We decorate the image of mom and baby with flowers and butterflies. We are writing congratulations for mom at the bottom of the postcard.

We are writing a congratulation for mom

Our postcard is ready! It turned out to be very bright and festive on the outside and touching inside. A great gift for your beloved mom!

Gift card for beloved mother

Step-by-step instructions for making DIY cards on cardboard and paper

  1. Take a white sheet of A4 paper and cut out petals for chamomile and a large round piece for the middle.
  2. Lightly “curl” the edges of the petals with a pencil or pen, and then stick them along the contour of the center. In a similar way, make the exact same second flower.
  3. Glue both flowers together, and glue a circle cut from colored yellow paper to the outside of the middle.
  4. Gently bend a sheet of cardboard in A5 format in half. On the front side of the first page draw a large daisy with a simple pencil and cut it along the contour with scissors.
  5. Expand the blank and glue a sheet of design paper on the inner right side (you can replace the usual color).
  6. For a ladybug from red paper, cut an oval and decorate with small black circles. Then stick the head and legs to it. On the first page, “plant” chamomile and ladybug on glue. Inside, on a blank plain page, write a beautiful, kind and touching congratulation.

Greeting card for Mother's Day with palms and flowers.

Another beautiful card for Mother's Day is made in the form of open children's hands. We circle the palm and according to the template cut the palm on the fold of white paper. Expand it. We should get two hands folded together. Glue hands on a purple background. Cut the palm of purple paper, stepping back half a centimeter from the edge of white paper.

Cut and glue hands

Cut a double heart out of red paper and fold it with an accordion. Glue it to the fold of the palms.

Cut and glue the heart

We decorate the card with paper flowers.

It remains to stick a paper congratulation at the bottom. We will get the most tender and touching postcard for the beloved Mom. Small hands will warm your mother’s heart even on the most inclement days.

Greeting card for Mother's Day with palms and a heart.

Postcard for Mother's Day do-it-yourself in a kindergarten in stages - master class

A phased master class will teach kids in kindergarten to make simple, but very beautiful and touching postcards for Mother's Day with their own hands. The process of creating work is not difficult, and the guys from the preparatory and senior groups will easily cope with the task independently, but boys and girls of 2-4 years old will definitely need the help of a teacher. The finished product will turn out to be bright and unusual and will give everyone a lot of pleasure.

Greeting card from paper "Dress for mom"

For example, you can make an interesting craft that emphasizes the femininity and delicate taste of mom - for this, we use the silhouette of a fashionable dress or other clothes to decorate the postcard. And to make this design element look more original, we make it in the style of scrapbooking from newspaper pages.

So what is needed? Newspaper (book, magazine) page, written on both sides. You can use a sheet of music. Cardboard silhouette template blouse, skirts and other women's clothing. If we make a dress or skirt, we draw them with folds, which then will help give the model volume. It is better to draw a dress separately - the upper part and the skirt. Bows, beads, rhinestones and other small decorative elements. A sheet of thick white (or milky yellow) paper, a pencil, a ruler, glue and scissors.

We print and cut out dress templates.

First of all, we circle the clothes pattern on the page we have written. Tracing the skirt, mark with points where the lines of the folds should go, and then connect them along the ruler.

We cut our product.

We make folds along the lines.

We give the skirt volume: with the help of a ruler, we form folds so that part of them goes inside - like on a pleated fabric.

If such an article is made in a kindergarten, we show the kids a master class on creating folds - they themselves will not cope with this task.

Paper pleated skirt

Gently fold a sheet of white paper in half. We glue our clothes to the cover page of the future postcard.

Pour skirt and top

Now we start decorating our clothes.

We decorate it with various details - bows, rhinestones, beads, pieces of braid.

Red decoration for postcards

You can make up various compositions: stick several tops on or make one dress - as your fantasy tells you.

Beautiful tops for postcards

Greeting card with a top and a skirt.

Greeting card for Mother's Day with blue rhinestones

Using the same technology, you can make a postcard in a different style - just cut out clothing items from suitable paper - for example, bright colorful colors.

Greeting card for mom in the form of a dress

Postcard for Mother's Day in the form of a dress

There is another version of the card in the form of a dress for Mother's Day. For such a postcard, we need colored and thin papyrus paper. Fold the colored paper in half and cut it out of it at the fold of the dress. You can glue a two-piece dress.

Fold the papyrus paper with an accordion and glue it in the center in the area of ​​the skirt.

We bend the second half of the accordion.

We fix the second half of the accordion. We should have a multilayer fluffy skirt.

Layered full skirt

The upper part of the skirt is decorated with a shiny belt of paper. We straighten the skirt of the dress and give it volume. Inside we write words of love and congratulations on Mother's Day.

Paper belt

Here are some different beautiful dresses you can make for your beloved mothers. For each mom, you can choose her favorite color!

Postcards - dresses for mom

Step-by-step instructions on how to make do-it-yourself cards for Mother's Day in a kindergarten

  1. From a colored cardboard, cut a sheet measuring 20X30 centimeters (or any other format that suits you personally).
  2. On a white thick sheet, draw with a simple pencil the outline of a child’s palm with fingers, and then carefully cut it.
  3. Finger edges of the created hand template should be painted over with brown paint of a light or dark shade and left so that it dries well.
  4. On the palm of your hand with a felt-tip pen, draw eyes, nose and lips.
  5. From the wrong side, it is good to grease the decorated paper hand with glue, attach it to the center of the cardboard sheet and cover it with oppression, so that it snag well.
  6. Cut a piece of 20-25 centimeters long from a ribbon or braid, tie it into a bow and stick hands to the template just above the base of the ring finger.

Postcard "Flowers" on Mother's Day do it yourself 1-3 grade

Pupils of grades 1-3 at the lessons of children's creativity can make a very beautiful, bright and attractive postcard “Flowers” ​​on Mother’s Day with their own hands. The process of creating work will instill in the students perseverance, will teach accuracy and help develop fine motor skills. The finished product will turn out to be bright, colorful, positive and will surely please a loved one on a beautiful and bright holiday.

Step-by-step instructions for making do-it-yourself cards in the 1-3 grade of the card "Flowers" for Mother's Day

  1. Cut a sheet of 20X25 centimeters from cardboard and tint it with bright paint on one side (you can initially take color cardboard and skip this step).
  2. Cut a sheet of 15X20 centimeters from white paper, paint most of it in yellow, and the lower right corner in light purple. Make sure that the transition between the shades was not clear, but blurry. Along the perimeter of the sheet under the ruler, draw a thin blue border-frame. Glue the sheet to the cardboard base and put under oppression.
  3. When the workpiece dries, make a simple pencil sketch of a branch of lilac, and then draw it with paints. For a twig, use a dark brown tone, for leaves - green, and for flowers - pale lilac.
  4. From colored green paper cut two leaves, similar in shape to sheets of lilac. Each of them gently fold in half and press the bend line with your hands. From the wrong side along the entire length, smear the fold with glue and gently stick to the background. When the glue sticks, slightly raise the edges of the leaves above the base.
  5. For flowers, cut lilac paper into small squares. Put each square on the palm of your hand and press on it with the sharp edge of the brush so that the corners slightly rise. From the wrong side, in the middle of the squares, drop a drop of glue and randomly stick to where the bases for flowers are depicted. When the glue dries well, slightly “fluff” the corners for greater naturalness.

Bookmark as a gift for Mother's Day "Dress"

An adorable bookmark souvenir “dress” can be made of fabric and felt. We draw a dress template on paper and cut a dress out of fabric on it.

Cut out a dress from fabric

Postcard from mother’s daughter to her mother’s own hands - master class

This step-by-step master class details how to make a very unusual, original and stylish postcard for mom on her mother’s day. Kids in kindergarten are unlikely to cope with such work, and it will seem a little complicated for children of 1-3 grades. But older students will master this task without much stress and will please their parents with a catchy and spectacular holiday item. The main “trick” of the lesson is that instead of traditional colored paper, which is usually used for applications, felt is used in bright colors. Flower buds are cut from it and mounted on cardboard. Due to the fact that the material has a soft structure and some hairiness, the card is especially delicate, cozy and very pleasant to the touch.

Greeting Card for Mother's Day "Scrapbooking with flowers"

A stunningly beautiful Mother's Day greeting card can be made using the popular scrapbooking technique. We make the basis of the card, folding the sheet of cardboard in half. Glue on the front side the background in vintage style with lines and roses. Roll up the edges a bit.

Background in vintage style.

From old wallpaper and white mesh, we make three rectangular blanks. The edges of the blanks should be uneven and “torn”.

Three rectangular blanks

We glue our blanks on the front side of the postcard.

Glue a round openwork napkin on top.

Glue the blanks and napkin

Glue paper flowers, leaves, ribbons and monograms on a napkin. Decorative elements for scrapbooking can be found in special sets.

Glue the congratulatory inscription "Mommy." We complete the card with rhinestones.

Congratulatory inscription and rhinestones

Here is such a tender and beautiful card for Mother's Day, we did it!

Greeting card for Mother's Day in vintage style.

Greeting card for Mother's Day "corrugated paper flowers"

A card for Mother's Day with voluminous flowers made of corrugated paper will be very effective. To make it, we need two squares of purple corrugated paper. Fold the squares in half. We should get two rectangles of folded paper.

We wrap one of the rectangles in a tube. Wrap the tube in a second rectangle. We fix the paper with thread at the bottom. Unroll the top of the paper. We get a blooming rose bud.

Paper bud

We take a strip of green corrugated paper. Wrap the bottom of the bud.

Roll green paper

We twist the paper until a long stem is formed.

Paper stalk

From another piece of green paper, cut out a piece of paper. Glue the leaf to the stem. A paper rose is ready!

Paper rose

We make several colors according to this pattern. We put them in a napkin.

Putting flowers in a napkin

Bandaging a napkin with flowers with a bright braid. We fold the sheet from cardboard in half - this is the basis of the postcard. We glue our bouquet on the outside. Greeting Card for Mother's Day - ready!

Greeting card for Mother's Day with flowers made of paper

Greeting card for Mother's Day with roses

You can make a card for mom with a heart and roses. For its manufacture, we need dense colored paper, glue, pencil and scissors.

DIY materials

We roll red paper into a roll. We make notches with a pencil on a roll through one centimeter along the entire length. Cut the roll into notches. We should get paper curls. We fix their ends with glue.

Складываем вдвое зеленую бумагу — это будущая основа открытки. На нее приклеиваем розовое сердечко. Заполняем сердечко нарезанными завитками-бутонами. Из сложенной зеленой бумаги формируем зеленые листки. Открытка на День Матери с сердечком и бутонами — готова!

Greeting card for Mother's Day with a heart and buds

Postcard with flowers from corrugated paper for Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, you can make a very beautiful mural card decorated with flowers from corrugated paper. The basis of the craft will be a circle cut out of cardboard or thick paper. Decorate the circle with green leaves.

Glue the leaves on the base

From the yellow corrugated paper we cut out a wavy blank.

Yellow paper blank

We twist the paper into a bud. We fix with glue.

Paper bud

Wrap the bud with a strip of green corrugated paper. We should get a flower stalk.

We make seven such flowers and glue them on the base. On the back side of the craft, you can place a congratulation on Mother's Day and even her photo. It will turn out a very beautiful and memorable gift.

Mother's Day Gift

Greeting card with for Mother's Day with flowers from foamiran

The basis of the card will be a folded in half sheet of cardboard gently peach in color. We decorate the front side of the postcard with blue paper and braid. From the sequins we lay out the heart, inside of which we write the shortest word - “mother”.

We make the front side of the postcard

Cut out the petals of yellow foamiran (foamed rubber) and color them. Interesting and natural halftones will be obtained with us if we color the petals by rubbing crushed pastel chalk into them.

Rub pastel chalk

Foamiran begins to change under the influence of high temperature. We heat the petals on the iron. While the hot petal is twisted and bent in the middle, trying to give a natural look.

Heat the petals and shape them

Cut out of the green foamirana calyx flower. We heat it on the iron and give it the shape of a cup.

Foamiran semen

Wrap the wire with green tape or duct tape. We should get a stalk.

We begin to form a bud of petals, wrapping them around the stem and fixing it to glue.

Petal bud

We make a hole in the calyx, insert the stem into it and fix it with glue at the base of the bud. We make three such flowers.

Flowers from foamiran

Glue big roses from the petals.

Big roses from petals

From green foamiran we cut out leaves. We make veins on them according to the same principle - we heat it on an iron and apply it to a relief surface (you can use a real sheet). At the ends we make small nicks.

Foamiran leaves

Putting our composition together. Glue the buds on the stem and green leaves onto the card.

Glue buds and leaves

Glue large roses. Inside we write warm wishes for your beloved mother. We got a very delicate and beautiful card for Mother's Day!

Greeting card for Mother's Day with flowers from foamiran

Greeting card with carnations for Mother's Day.

A card for Mother's Day can be drawn. For example, you can depict bright holiday carnations. To get started, make a sketch with a pencil.

Pencil drawing with carnations

Then we colorize with watercolors.

Greeting card with carnations as a gift for Mother's Day.

Children's voluminous cards for Mother's Day

A very cute and kind postcard for Mother's Day is a card with a picture of mom and baby flamingos. In addition to the idea itself, this card is very interesting in the technique of execution - a combination of a drawing with a volume application.

On the folded sheet we draw the contours of the birds. After the paint dries, glue the pompom. For mom flamingos - a larger pompom, and for two babies very small pompons. The meaning of these cards is to convey the joy of motherhood in all living beings.

Greeting card for Mother's Day flamingos with kids

In the same technique you can make a card “chicken with chickens”,

Greeting card "chicken with chickens"

or postcard "penguins." Do not forget to make a greeting inscription for mom on the card.

Greeting card for Mother's Day "penguins"

Young talents can try to draw a portrait of their mother on a postcard.

The main thing is that the card for Mother's Day for children becomes not just a craft, but a way of expressing your warmest feelings.

DIY for mother's mother’s day: easy and quick

What could be better than a beautiful 3D handmade postcard? At first glance, such a masterpiece is difficult to create. But in fact, it is easy to manufacture. And if you prepare all the details in advance, it will take a minimum of time to collect it.

We will make a card, the base of which will be in the form of a heart. And the middle of the flower is painted in darker colors.

Would need:

  • double-sided colored paper,
  • cardboard,
  • ruler
  • scissors,
  • glue stick,
  • felt-tip pens.

Work Stages:

1. From the yellow paper, cut out 7 squares. Their size is 9 by 9 centimeters. We take one square and begin to make a flower out of it. First, bend it diagonally. It turns out here is such a triangle.

2. Fold it in half and get a smaller right triangle. Bend it in the middle again. To the larger side we press the smaller one. On it we draw the rounded edge of the petal.

3. It remains to cut the flower along the intended line and straighten. That kind of beauty came out.

4. Now cut one of the petals of the flower. This is necessary so that it turns out to be voluminous.

5. Circle the edges, then the flower will become more realistic. We will not touch one of the petals near the neckline, since we will glue the other on it.

6. Now we establish a painted petal on the one that we did not touch and glue them.

7. Color the core and continue to make 6 more of the same colors.

8. The resulting flowers are bent in half. Now we need to collect them in a beautiful bouquet. For side petals, glue two to one flower, on both sides.

9. Glue one more to the upper flower, but already for three petals. In the picture, the places where it is necessary to lubricate with glue are marked with checkmarks.

10. Glue two more flowers on the sides.

11. And the last flower we put up.

12. From the cardboard we cut out two hearts, suitable in size to the bouquet. Red should get more white. We establish a white heart on red and glue it.

13. On the other hand, glue white to the red heart, almost the same size. And there’s another smaller one on it. Bend in the middle. As a result, we got a card of four hearts. Inside it is white, and on the outside it is red.

14. Now glue the bouquet using the upper petal to one side of the heart. In the same way, glue the bouquet to the second side of the card.

Open and get a 3D beautiful card!

In the same way, you can create other beautiful cards, changing only the basis or the bouquet itself. In this embodiment, the bouquet is multi-colored, and petals were added to it:

Or here’s a master class on creating pink postcards:

And you can completely change the shape of the flowers, and take decorative cardboard as the basis:

And what a chic bouquet of spiral flowers turns out to be, such beauty can be presented to mom, grandmother, aunt and godmother. Beloved women from such beauty will be delighted!

For such a bouquet you will need:

  • Colored paper - double-sided in different shades,
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Simple pencil


1. From green paper, cut the stem and leaves

2. Choose your favorite shade of colored paper, then draw a circle with uneven (wavy) edges,

3. In the same circle we draw a spiral,

4. We arm ourselves with sharp stationery scissors and cut a drawn spiral along the contour,

5. Take the edge of the spiral and fold in a circle, forming a rosette. Then glue the flower to the green stalk.

Thus, you can make a whole bouquet, or decorate a card with such flowers. To create such a craft is easy and simple, but it comes out very beautifully!

And how do you like this flower:

I am sure from such a presentation, mommy will just be in seventh heaven, especially when a child made it for her with his own hands.

Craft for Mother's Day for kindergarten from napkins, corrugated paper or cardboard (templates included)

Kindergarten children can make a beautiful heart from napkins. Any mother will be glad of such a gift, and he, in turn, will decorate the wall and will delight her every day. The size of this craft depends on your preference.

Would need:

  • red cardboard
  • glue stick,
  • pink and white napkins,
  • narrow satin ribbon
  • scissors,
  • Double-sided tape,
  • pencil,
  • baby palm pattern,
  • yellow paper
  • A4 white sheet.

Work Stages:

1. On a cardboard we draw a heart and carefully cut it out. We turn the blank over to the white side, circle the child’s hand template on it. You can also circle the child’s palm.

2. Cut the white and pink napkins into 3 by 3 centimeter squares. Each roll into a ball, not pressing hard on the paper. Otherwise, the rounds will become tough.

3. Grease the palm contour with glue and gently attach white napkins to it. Thus filling the entire space.

Balls need to be laid tightly to each other.

4. Now let the workpiece dry. At this time, you can make a loop of satin ribbon and stick it to the top of the craft using tape. By the way, she will act as a suspension.

5. It remains to lay out the empty space of the heart with pink napkins. Start from the edges and end in the middle. It is necessary to ensure that there are no gaps between the paper balls and they disrupt the shape of the fingers.

6. Now make a daisy out of a white sheet. We draw a flower on paper and cut it out with scissors. Glue a yellow circle in the middle, and twist the petals a little with a pencil. Glue the daisy to the craft. We decorate the back side of the heart with a touching congratulation and the present for Mother's Day is ready!

Children's hand pattern:

The same craft can be made in red. In my opinion, it comes out more vividly and in contrast:

And if you take corrugated paper and cut it in a certain way, you can get magnificent flowers in the form of a dandelion, carnation, peony or chrysanthemum:

Voluminous paperwork for Mother's Day from paper

Children of kindergarten age can easily make a paper craft “Mommy - my bright sun!”

For work it is necessary:

  • Double-sided color paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Felt-tip pen
  • Simple pencil
  • Ruler
  • Wand

1. You need to take 2 sheets of colored paper, lining them 1.5 cm. And fold them harmoniously along these lines.

2. At an acute angle, cut off the end of the workpiece

3. Each billet (fan) is folded in half, greased at the edges with glue and glued. We have to go out 4 parts 2 pink and 2 yellow.

4. Then we glue all the parts together. It turns out a nice fan.

5. Next you need to glue the stick between the segments. It turns out the sun on a stick.

6. Next, cut out the yellow circle and draw a cheerful and smiling face. Which needs to be glued in the middle of our sun.

7. On the back, we simply glue a yellow circle cut out of cardboard

Here's such a gorgeous craft, mommy will really like such a gift!

Such a bright sun will warm the most beloved person in the world on a cold November day!

A voluminous postcard for mom with her own hands is presented in the video plot below, the option is also very interesting:

We make crafts for mom from any material

A delicious piece of cake filled with sweets or wishes for your beloved mom. This craft will not take much time, but it will look original.

Would need:

  • scissors,
  • yellow double-sided cardboard,
  • a simple pencil
  • pink double-sided colored paper,
  • cake template
  • ruler
  • thin double-sided tape
  • decorative elements for decoration,
  • hot glue.

Work Stages:

1. Transfer the cake template to a pale yellow cardboard and cut it out along the contour. We make indentations along all the lines so that they can bend freely, a pointed nail file is perfect for this.

2. Now we need to glue the box with double-sided tape as shown in the figure and make a cut on the lid.

Here's a "piece" we got:

3. We proceed to the decoration. In the middle of the box we glue the brown tape on double-sided tape. On it is a narrow pink ribbon and tie in the form of a bow.

4. For the flower, cut out a pink circle. We begin to cut it in a spiral from the edge to the middle. Now make the edges wavy and twist the spiral into a bud. We fix the tip of the paper with glue.

5. In this way we make 2 more roses and decorate them with a box-cake. We also added coffee beans for beauty, which were glued to hot glue. And the petals of decorative grass.

Template for paper cake:

But what happens if you just change the color of the base and decorative elements:

For clarity, I suggest watching a video and immediately it becomes even easier to make such delicious pieces of cake

If it’s still difficult for kids to make a cake, then you can make a flower out of bright buttons:

or such a funny elephant:

And it will be interesting for both girls and boys to make beads or pasta for mom. Only they need to be painted immediately in different colors, wait until they dry. And then to form the decoration. Also for beauty from woolen threads, you can make bells and attach to the product.

Very original work is obtained!

Master class: an original gift for your beloved mother from natural material

Kids can make an application of seeds in the form of a beautiful flower. It is simple to implement and requires a minimum of materials for manufacturing. Let's get started.

Would need:

  • plasticine,
  • color cardboard
  • glue,
  • pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Work Stages:

1. Separate 3 equal pieces from white plasticine and roll them into balls. From yellow plasticine we cut the same brick. We also make a ball out of it. As a result, we get 3 white balls and 1 yellow. All the same size.

2. On a red sheet of cardboard we place a white lump and flatten it into a flat cake. This will be the middle of the flower. Gently attach pumpkin seeds to it.

3. In the middle, we establish another flat cake from a white plate. We level it so that there are no gaps and start the second row of pumpkin seeds.

4. We fix the third layer of white plasticine. On top of it, spread the sunflower seeds. And from the yellow plasticine ball we make the core of the flower. We pierce indentations on it with a pen.

5. From green plasticine we twist 2 sausages for the stem. One of them is cut in half. Now we place them on the applications and gently press them to the cardboard.

6. Cut out the pot from green cardboard. Glue it on top of the stem. We roll a thin sausage from red plasticine and decorate the top of the pot in the form of a wave. Under it we place 3 yellow mugs from plasticine.

Older children can make a beautiful bouquet of roses from maple leaves.

First you need to iron the leaves through the newspaper (from this they will become smoother). It is necessary to work with such an craft carefully so as not to accidentally tear the leaves apart. And the progress of work is presented in step-by-step photos:

The buds are fixed with thread.

And you can make such roses from autumn leaves on a stick and put in a vase, it looks very interesting!

Very pretty roses!

Beautiful gift (craft) for Mother's Day from fabric and felt + patterns

Let's make a gorgeous blue casket for mom’s jewelry or other little things. At first glance, you won’t understand that it is based on an ordinary tea box.

Would need:

  • a box of tea bags,
  • felt,
  • cotton fabric
  • White paper,
  • various decorative elements
  • hot glue,
  • glue stick.

Work Stages:

1. Cut off the internal parts from the box and glue its outer sides. Thus, letters will not shine through the fabric.

2. Measure the size of the box and cut out a suitable piece of fabric, adding 2 centimeters on each side. Now we will hug the box and fix it with hot glue, starting from the bottom. Ahead we cut the fabric diagonally and bend, and cut off the excess pieces.

3. On both sides we glue the ribbons so that the box closes freely.

4. Inside we glue with felt. To do this, first cut the parts to the size of the box, and then fix them with hot glue.

5. Decorate the side of the box with lace ribbon. And the top with various decorative flowers and berries.

The pale blue box is ready!

By the way, you can choose the decor of such an artwork as you wish, for example, such a green casket is very cute

And you can make compartments for convenience, for example, as in this box

Very nice work, right?

And if you have a mother needlewoman, I propose to create for her a special needle needle made of felt, which each time will remind her how her child loves! In my opinion this is a great gift! The grandmother will be very happy about such a present, and her happiness will have no limit.

And here are some more options for needle beds you can create, though they are cute and funny:

School children can sew such a cute lamb

But the pattern for such simpotyagi, only I downloaded it from a foreign site, but I think everything is clear without words ...

Now we cut out the details and use them to make felt patterns.

Now sew

Well, handsome!

Greeting card for mom from colored paper and cotton pads

Kids can make very beautiful cards from cotton pads and colored paper (cardboard). Even babies will cope with such work.

Now it remains to glue the flower on color cardboard and make the stem and the card is ready!

And how do you like such a card, just a sight for sore eyes ?!

There are a lot of design options for postcards, you just need to show your imagination and try to make your work delight your beloved mother!

But even there are whole bouquets of bouquets of roses:

and even trees of incredible beauty:

And from the sticks you can make such a heart and tie it with a red ribbon in the form of a bow, very easy and fast, but it turns out very nice.

On this I will end the publication.

Go to the sea, I think you will find an option for yourself and help the children make a gift for their beloved mother with their own hands!